YouTube Musician Mike Lombardo Pleads Guilty


At a hearing in Syracuse, NY this morning, YouTuber Mike Lombardo plead guilty to receipt of child pornography, a felony carrying a sentence of at least 20 years. This follows Lombardo’s arrest in July 2012 and an FBI raid of the singer’s home in late-2011.

The Smoking Gun obtained the plea agreement in which Lombardo admits to exchanging lewd images with six separate minors over a two year period. The report is available here, but comes with a strong trigger warning as it is very graphic. It features accounts of Lombardo’s interaction with the 15 and 16-year-old victims as well as transcripts of online chats. Receipt of child pornography comes with a mandatory minimum of 5 years in custody, and Lombardo will have to register as a sex offender.

Lombardo spent 5 days in custody following his arrest in July 2012 and was forced to surrender his passport, submit to mental evaluation, and participate in an electronic monitoring program. He remains free on a personal recognizance bond and is scheduled for sentencing on January 24.


  • Lysh

    Wow. I was just wondering about him recently.

  • Im just saying

    But really…15/16 year olds. i know that’s legally children but lets be honest. almost all teens lose their virginity around 13 or 14 now. it’s not like he was looking at 4 year olds or something.

    • abbylynne

      Regardless, it’s the law, and the law needs to be followed. As someone who has interacted with Mike, he can be incredibly persuasive. Teenage girls, whether they think they are or not, are impressionable, and Mike is the perfect kind of guy to make them do things they might not actually want to do.

    • abbylynne

      Regardless, it’s the law, and the law needs to be followed. As someone who has interacted with Mike, he can be incredibly persuasive. Teenage girls, whether they think they are or not, are impressionable, and Mike is the perfect kind of guy to make them do things they might not actually want to do.

      • thetruth

        Reality check: the law isn’t always right.

        • abbylynne

          You frustrate me. Just because some teenagers choose to have sex doesn’t mean it should be legal for adults to have people that are legally minors.

          • thetruth

            Sorry for frustrating you but my opinion is that someone shouldn’t have their life ruined to this magnitude just because they exchanged nudes with minors. Keep in mind that despite what the law says, these girls are already developing the bodies of a woman and it’s more than normal for a man to ”check” them out. While that may seem wrong to you, it’s because of society changing over time to prevent minors from having sex but from a biological standpoint, which trumps law in terms of what’s technically right, these girls are becoming sexually active and thus their bodies develop to be sexually attractive.

            No, 18+ people still shouldn’t be having sex with minors. However, these teenagers willingly sent nudes and they weren’t coerced. It’s unfair to Lombardo to deem them as victims. The law only does so in order for it to be able to prosecute him.

            Furthermore, this is in absolutely no way makes him a pedophile. The real intent of child porn laws was to protect children from pedophiles, as inappropriate pictures of toddlers and prepubescent kids is something we can all agree is sick. I agree there with the law, but extending the same moral judgement and legal consequences over to a guy doing what’s normal and showing sexual attraction to girls who are developed in a way to attract that, is very wrong. The very fact that these girls willingly participated in his requests only go to back up my argument: these girls are in a sexually active period of their lives, and their bodies reflects this.

            • SchoHobbes

              I wish victim blamers like you would go onto to a remote island and live out the rest of your life away from the general populous. These girls are not old enough to consent, and Lombardo has be the grown up and not ask for the videos and images. He pressured and coerced these girls. I hope he gets the maximum sentence and that he never hurts anyone like this again.

            • Alexandra A.

              Just because a teenager can act like an adult, dress like an adult, walk and talk like an adult, does NOT make them an adult. It is an adult’s job to realize that it is WRONG and IMMORAL to pursue any kind of relationship with someone under 18 unless it is STRICTLY platonic, non-sexual, and appropriate. Being “sexually active” DOES NOT EQUAL “being an adult,” in any sense. Mike DID coerce them into sending him photographs. He used his internet fame to gain these girls’ trust, made it seem like he was a really cool guy, and then had them send him inappropriate photographs.

              This ABSOLUTELY makes this disgusting man a pedophile. He engaged in sexual activity (sending nude photos of yourself to a minor, and receiving them is sexual activity– not to mention, what do you think he did with them?), coerced these underage girls into sending him photographs (but who knows, maybe they met up on occasion, or maybe there were skype chats), and did the WRONG thing. It’s ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS the adult’s job to say “no, that is not okay” when a child imposes on them sexually. But in this case, he pursued it. He INNITIATED it.

              “Willingly participated.” NO NO NO. THE GIRLS WERE COERCED INTO THIS, first of all. (Which means, yeah, they “willingly” participated, but only because they felt pressure that a “famous” musician wanted something from the, and oh man how LAME would they be if they didn’t accept his advances.) Second of all, when you are under the age of 18, your brain is not fully developed in that making certain big life decisions. For example, to send a grown man naked photographs seems cool and edgy, especially when it’s a grown man you look up too, and who has a lot of influence over you and the community in which you are a part of, but teenagers always think they are above the law. They’re always trying to rebel. Whether they are sexually active under-18-year-olds or not, that does NOT make them women. That does NOT make them adults. That does not mean their consent to sexual activity with someone over 18 matters. It doesn’t matter what the girls thought, if they thought it was ok to send that man photographs. It was Mike Lombardo’s job to not coerce them, not even talk to them on anymore than an appropriate fan basis, and he did. He’s a pedophile. The girls could be fully developed physically, and be sexually active. That doesn’t make them women.

              Stop defending this pedophile. By saying that he’s not a pedophile makes you an apologist for his behavior. You are excusing his actions by blaming underage victims that were coerced into sexual activity by a grown man. You are thinking like the abuser. You are SIDING with the abuser. You are disgusting.

              I hope that pedophile Mike Lombardo rots in his jail cell.

        • Alexandra A.

          “The law isn’t always right” applies to court cases wherein people of color and women and lgbt people are tried viciously at maximum sentences because they are not white men. “The law isn’t always right” does not apply to pedophiles.

    • Alexandra A.

      Having sex for the first time (not “losing your virginity” since virginity is a social construct) does not equal being an adult, nor does it equal being able to consent to adult activities with someone over 18.

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  • mostlynerdy

    I still like him, but I don’t think I’m his type as I’m 22.