Wonder Woman Casting for ‘Batman vs. Superman’!


That’s right, we not only have confirmation that Wonder Woman will be appearing in the Man of Steel sequel, we also have a confirmed casting: Gal Gadot. She definitely looks the part, and her experience in Fast and Furious action flicks may have helped her prep to kick serious baddie tail as Wonder Woman.

Director Zack Snyder has also said that Wonder Woman won’t be the only other superhero making an appearance. The Flash is likely to zoom in for at least a cameo, and the other Justice League characters are all fair game. This movie is looking to be a real set up for an upcoming Justice League film.

It’s hard not to be both very excited and very worried. The more the merrier, but it means we have to start stressing about casting now. We all know that the Internet wasn’t universally thrilled with Batfleck.