Wizarding World of Harry Potter Aerial Construction Photos and More


With the Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion confirmed for a Spring 2014 opening this September, things will only get more insane – and magical – from here.

Universal Orlando has quickly gained a new regard within the theme park fandom for its breakneck construction speeds. The Transformers attraction was built in under a year – unheard of for almost any theme park construction effort. WWoHP is not breaking this trend.

For the most part, the area still looks like a steel jungle. It is, however, starting to take shape and there’s even some facade work on the horizon.

Construction Update: Hogwarts Express

OrlandoUnited contributors – the same ones who made headlines during Phase I construction for their innovative helicopter shots – crowdfunded what we hope will be the first of several helicopter rides to snap some photos earlier this week.

Let’s start with the area that will bring us from Hogsmeade to Diagon Alley – Hogsmeade Station.

Located south of the current Hogsmeade entrance – coming in from the Lost Continent – this station’s appearance is still up for debate. It’s nowhere near as iconic as King’s Cross station (which we’ll be taking a look at later) and its appearance has changed plenty throughout the films.

Currently, it looks like this:



While it’s a given that it’ll be far more exciting once facade work begins, it’s connected to one of the expansion’s featured additions: the Hogwarts Express. The track has been completed and runs from Islands of Adventure (where the original WWoHP area resides) to Universal Studios (where Diagon Alley will stand).


The track is, without a doubt, exciting, but this picture reveals one of the best leaks to come out of the expansion so far: the Hogwarts Express ride vehicles.

Here’s a closer shot of the locomotive from OU contributor HateToFly:

HE cars HTF

HateToFly, who has been providing reliable information throughout the expansion, notes that the front of the train will be seen only from the Hogsmeade station.

The Hogwarts Express track is also connected to the iconic King’s Cross Station which is – without hyperbole - enormous.


It’s around the same length as a football field and will feature full theming, including the arched glass ceiling.

Here’s a closer look at the open end:


The station gives way to the star of the show, Diagon Alley.

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