Who should direct “The Casual Vacancy”?


Well, beats us.

That was our reaction when someone said today, “Whom do you think should direct The Casual Vacancy for the BBC?”

The gritty life-in-the-world-of-the-Dursleys novel is coming to the small screen in just a year and a half or so; time is short! We’re kicking it to you for ideas, suggestions, and wild thoughts on who should take the helm. We’ll list all your suggestions in a poll later.


  • Jessica

    Not Moffat

    • http://twitter.com/Leah617 Leah Cornish

      Moffat isn’t a director, he’s a writer. However, many of the directors he has worked with on Who and Sherlock would be fantastic choices. A Paul McGuigan Pagford would be amazing.

  • Johnny Depp

    I do feel as if Tim Burton would do a marvellous job.

    • Tim Buron

      Johnny, I suspect you want a role.

  • Becca

    Ermm it should be who not whom! =P

    • Melissa Anelli

      You’re right. Ignore me, this is excite news

      • Becca

        It IS excite news! XD So, do you have anyone in mind for director?

  • http://twitter.com/horcruxmt horcruxmt

    I think they were right in saying “who” actually :) The director is the subject of the last part of the sentence (for the verb direct). You would say “I think he should direct” not “I think him should direct”:p

    • Melissa Anelli

      YOU ARE CORRECT. Just whom do you think you are eh!!?!? :D

  • 19yearslater

    I don’t know. I’m not all that familiar with British directors outside of the most famous ones, so…we’ll see. If Jo thinks they’re a good idea I’m sure I’ll love them.

  • LP

    Danny Boyle

    • Deej

      I think so too, I think he is the type of person who would really “get” themes of the book and would be able to execute the realism/dark humor/tragedy/satire thing whilst keeping it watchable and accessible. Hell the man directed Trainspotting!

  • Kelsey

    Euros Lyn, maybe? Or I agree, Paul McGuigan would be fantastic. Or hell, let’s just have Joss Whedon direct everything at this point.