Watch Every TV Spot for the Final Hobbit Film


Brace yourselves, Hobbit fans. This one may result in sensory and emotional overload.

Last week, we posted the first TV spot for The Battle of the Five Armies. Now, we’ve got six more to  cause you further trauma share with you. And for good measure, we’re going to start with that aforementioned first one, not because they need to watched together or in order, but because nothing says “bring on the tears” like four minutes of powerful music highlighting stubborn Thorin, precious Bilbo, battle-ready Bard, angry Kili, disheartened Balin, and injured/inspiring Gandalf. Let’s begin, shall we?

Battle Begins

“Any man who wants to give their last, follow me!”


“The time is upon us. We all must choose which side we are on.”


“We cannot win this fight. “


“Follow me, one last time.”


“Am I not the king?!”


“One day I’ll remember those who survived and those that did not.”


“I will not hide while others fight our battles for us!”

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies will be officially released on December 17th, but select theaters across the country are hosting a special marathon screening event, which will show the entire trilogy, from start to finish, on December 15th.

Let us know how many boxes of tissues and pints of ice cream you’re bringing with you in the comments below.