RUMOR ALERT: Vin Diesel in Avengers 2?


Let the speculation begin, because notoriously bald action star Vin Diesel posted on his Facebook that he had an interesting meeting with Marvel about an upcoming project. The photo he posted had him next to a copy of Avengers No. 2 comic book, which has an obvious resonance. Check out the image below.

But really, it could be any Phase 2 (or even Phase 3) Marvel movie. So who could Vin Diesel play? The Facebook post said that he typically “has tunnel vision” with his career and that this opportunity is outside of that.

We know very little about the characters in many of the upcoming Marvel projects, like Avengers 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy, and we know even less about Phase 3. So here are some preliminary guesses.

Thanos is confirmed to be the big baddie of the next Avengers flick, and Vin Diesel seems like a pretty obvious candidate for that. He doesn’t often play the villain, so the tunnel vision bit fits here too.

Vision is the next guess. He’s an android with a complicated good vs bad history and is a love interest for the already confirmed Avengers 2 character Scarlet Witch. The grittiness of the character combined with the romantic subplot could be an interesting fit for Vin Diesel.

Those are both assuming that he is slated for the upcoming Avengers movie, but if he’s being considered for a different project, he could be anyone from Ultron to Dormammu and beyond.

What are your guesses? Let us know!



  • Angie

    I totally read this as “Let the speculation begin, because notoriously ‘BAD’ action star Vin Diesel”
    I purposely try to avoid any movie Vin Diesel is in. I REALLY don’t want to have to avoid Avengers 2. He has no reason to be in these films!