Victorian Sherlock Special Gets a New Trailer

Copy Editor

The previously announced Victorian-era Sherlock special – you know, the one that takes the modern day adaptation of a Victorian-era character and strips away that “modern day” bit – is slowly but surely building up steam. Earlier this year, they released a first look at the special, filled with wonderful snark.

And now, with its anticipated winter release coming ever closer, a full-blown trailer for the special has arrived via the Sherlock Twitter page.

“The stage is set; the curtain rises; we are ready to begin.”

The trailer is incredibly dark, hinting at mysterious pasts and speaking of the ghosts that haunt our sunny days. That being said, Watson forcing the iconic deerstalker cap into Sherlock’s hands (“You’re Sherlock Holmes. Wear the damn hat.”) is a wonderful bit of snark and levity that demonstrates these characters are still the versions we’ve come to know in recent years. They’re just suffering from some temporal displacement.

Unfortunately, there is still no definite release date, though the video promises it is coming soon. Which, in Sherlock terms, is only a guarantee for sometime in the next five years.

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