Vampire Diaries 5×11 Review: No Death for the Wicked


A month without The Vampire Diaries was just enough time to prepare us for the 100th episode. The break gave us room to miss the show and forget about all the annoying plot lines that have taken over Season 5. Last night we watched TVD with fresh 2014 eyes and the episode did not disappoint. It was a snarky, action packed, and emotional whirlwind with a side of family reunion. Bringing back so many familiar faces for the episode may be a cheesy ploy, but it worked brilliantly. You couldn’t help but smile, and/or shriek in Elijah’s case, with every new arrival. Despite the reunion, “500 Years of Solitude” also managed to move the plot forward in a slightly more interesting direction than that whole Enzo thing. It was an episode for the fans and The Vampire Diaries team. We were on our couches screaming and shouting and the cast and crew were watching us on twitter and patting themselves on the back, or at least they should have been.

The week off from the crazy, just focusing on Katherine’s “death” and Caroline’s sexcapades, was refreshing and going back (again) to a Mystic Falls without Alaric next week is going to suck. Bonnie seriously needs to magic Alaric back from the dead; no one else on this show stays dead, so why should Alaric? Katherine being in Elena’s body is a much better plot than the other stuff we’ve been dealing with in Season 5, so we should get another couple of weeks of awesome episodes. After 500 years of backstabbing and lying you think the world would know this, but the moral of last night’s episode is still news to some: never trust Katherine Pierce.

500 Years of Solitude

Killing off Katherine would have been a horrible mistake, but it would not have been nearly as bad as putting her in someone else’s body. No one does Katherine Pierce except Nina Dobrev. It goes without saying at this point, but big up to Nina on another extraordinary episode. In the throws of The Vampire Diaries, your mind completely forgets that Elena and Katherine are actually the same person. The flashbacks to human Katherine were great, and when Elijah showed up I lost it. Just this week on The Originals Elijah said that he has only been in love twice and we know that one of those times was with Katerina Petrova. Of course Elijah wasn’t actually there, because that would totally screw with the Celeste/Hayley plot happening right now, but the fact that even in death Katherine is still thinking about him was a little nice closure that we didn’t get because it would have been impossible for Katherine to go to New Orleans since she and Elena are actually the same person.

Stefan and Katherine’s relationship also found some closure. He didn’t try and save her from dying; all he wanted was for her to find peace. It was just romantic enough without Stefan forgetting what Katherine has done to him and to his so called “epic love” Elena. This season, Stefan has come off as the true younger brother, but in this episode he matured not into his old self, but into a new and improved version of Stefan who seems to have finally achieved common sense. His scenes with Damon and Elena in this episode were perfect. Stefan is the only person either of them would take relationship advice from and not only did he finally give them his blessing he wants them back together. Katherine sex has allowed him to truly move on. It will be interesting to see what Stefan does now that Katherine is in Elena’s body. Obviously he’ll fight for Elena, but hopefully he’ll be a little conflicted about it. Also, it’s got to be super weird to have two ex-girlfriends in one body.

The aside to the travelers plot was a little forced, but all the awesomeness around it makes it ok. Surely the doppelgänger blood will be used for some horrible ritual and Stefan and Elena will feel super bad about it, but the fact that they were just standing there letting it happen and then just left was brilliant. The Vampire Diaries has so many intricately entwined plots that call back on all sorts of things you can’t remember, so this plot bone felt like an inside joke with the audience. It was so obviously Vampire Diaries that no explanation was needed. Yeah Stefan and Elena seem to be in some sort of danger, but whatever! It’s a drinking party! The perfect place for deep relationship talk is always while being chanted at in Czech. The kitschyness of The Vampire Diaries has been missing on The Vampire Diaries since the Mikaelsons left town and the ridiculous travelers plot is finally bringing it back.

500 Years of Solitude

You know what else has been missing from The Vampire Diaries? Caroline. Caroline has always been the strongest female character on this show, and with the crazy Augustine plot that I’d rather forget existed and the Stefan/Katherine stuff, she has taken a back seat in recent episodes. But not anymore. Candice Accola killed it last night and I’m not just talking about the Klaroline sex. Yes, we’ve been waiting for that FOREVER, but there is more to Caroline than her perfect body. Everything she said last night was amazing. From the drinking game where she admits to being way better off because Katherine killed her, to dropping the Stefan/Katherine bomb, to finding out about Bonnie and Jeremy’s sexy times, all of her reactions were priceless. Everyone has been a little behind on the happenings in Mystic Falls and Caroline was the perfect person to spill all the news.

The 100th episode promised a ton of familiar faces, but the only guaranteed appearance was Klaus. Since his arrival was shown in the preview, it didn’t have the same punch as Rebekah or Jenna’s reappearance, but we sure didn’t see that coming. Klaus has been pretty celibate on The Originals, which is odd since the whole show is about him knocking Hayley up. He had a “spark” with Cami, but there really hasn’t been enough sexy Klaus on The Originals. Caroline has also been a dry spell since Jesse and Tyler (can her next boyfriend be named Ferguson) and sexual tension has never been Klaus and Caroline’s problem.

Their smolder is only rivaled by Elena and Damon’s chemistry in that chili-making scene from Season 3. Klaroline was never going to be a real thing. When it comes down to it Klaus is still a crazy psycho, but they definitely deserved a little fun in the forest. Hopefully that ultimatum isn’t the be all end all of their relationship, but it makes sense that it would be. They finally got each other out of their systems and can move on, let’s just hope Caroline doesn’t move back to Tyler. He’s so boring. She needs someone with more passion. Klaus and Caroline’s romance may be a one time thing, but it will live forever on the internet. Elijah may be the king of old school wedding dress buttons, but Klaus is the king of camisoles.


It was an all around good night for blonds. Matt may have been buried alive, but he got to see his two favorite people: his sister and Rebekah. Matt and Rebekah’s relationship is, weirdly, one of the healthiest relationships The Vampire Diaries has seen, making their sweet and innocent reunion all the more believable. They have this understanding between them that would make a great YA novel. It was also nice to see Matt and Jeremy back at work and Damon back at his regular chair at the Grill. It’s been a while since we had some bro time with those three. Bonnie’s creepy other side awareness finally came in handy and allowed a nice family gathering in the Salvatore living room. The best part of which was, of course, Alaric. He may want to go find peace, but The Vampire Diaries writers know better than to let him do that. Any chance we have to see Alaric, we will latch on to for months until he inevitably comes back for a drink.

While it would be great to have episode after episode of nothing but family drinking games in the Salvatore living room with all the dearly departed, time in Mystic Falls must, alas, move forward. The crew has Elena to worry about yet again, but this time, it thankfully isn’t her fault. When the boys inevitably rescue her, she won’t be pissed at them, which will be a nice change. Tyler’s return needs to be dealt with, and there’s no way Caroline can keep her sexcapades a secret for long. The traveler’s doppelgänger obsession also needs to be addressed. There are so many plot lines at the moment that the overall arc of the season is still aimless. The earlier seasons were much better in this department. Moving forward, the writers need to wean out the weaker plots and focus their energy, or we are going to end Season 5 exactly where we started.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Will Damon and Elena get back together? Will Caroline have crazy sex dreams about Klaus? Will Katherine get back in her own body? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursday at 8/7c on the CW.


  • VampGirlB

    I loved this episode too, it was great seeing all the old cast members come back. I did not like the weird let’s go to the creepy house, and then just stand there while our blood is drained. I mean who does that, and then they come back and act like nothing happened! All in all can’t wait til next week!