Updates From “Mark Of Athena” Tour


Mark of Athena author Rick Riordan is halfway through his tour promoting the new book. Riordan updated his blog Friday sharing pictures of the events and his favorite questions so far. One fan asked, “If Riptide actually wrote as a pen, what color would the ink be?” Rick answered, “I thought probably something boring, black or blue, though Haley suggested bronze, which makes sense!”

Rick also made a comment about the possibility of a new series combining The Kane Chronicles with Percy Jackson and the Olympians:

I asked their opinion on combining Kane and PJO, because I was afraid all those gods together would be too confusing, but the North Carolina readers gave the idea an enthusiastic yes. I guess I’ll have to think more seriously about that for the future.

Even on the road, Riordan is still hard at work on the next book in The Heroes of Olympus seriers The House of Hades, which hits shelves fall 2013. It may seem like a long time for us to find out what happens next, but Rick promises he will make it “worth the wait.”