Twitter Sleuthing on TFIOS Continues, Possible Director? (UPDATED)


UPDATE: Josh Boone has been confirmed as director. 

Yesterday our Shailene scoop (followed by a publicist confirming her consideration to us) seems to have panned out so let’s do this again:

Thanks to reader Aisha R, The Fault In Our Stars twitter sleuthing continues with a possible directorial candidate. Director Josh Boone RTed John’s frustratingly vague tweet regarding some upcoming TFIOS movie news, and it seems Boone recently followed John GreenShailene Woodley, TFIOS screenwriters Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber and producer Wyck Godfrey. Time to put money on this. Creepy as this whole article makes us sound, that’s what it is to be a geek – when it has the ring of real to it, you know we’re going to run here and tell you.

Furthermore in the spirit of Twitter equality John, Scott, and Michael now follow Josh Boone. Now we could be completely off base, but this is fun and until the news comes out we will analyze John’s tweet as much as humanly possible.

Boone is a young director whose major credit is 2012′s Stuck in Love which starred none other than Logan Lerman, one of our top choices for Augustus Waters. Is it possible Boone’s experience working with Lerman gave him a leg up in the war for director of TFIOS? Will he be working with Lerman again? We don’t  know, but hopefully will soon. Man this waiting is super annoying.

Also John’s publisher, Julie Strauss-Gabel, follows him. And there are these tweets:



It’s Saturday, and big movie announcements don’t tend to come out those days. We likely have to chew on this until Monday.

So what do you think? Is it a coincidence? If Boone is the director do you think it’s the right choice for the film? Speculate away and continue your twitter sleuthing in the comments.

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You can watch an interview with Boone here – thanks again Aisha R!

  • tmm45695

    As well as the fact that he’s also followed by Julie Strauss-Gabel, John’s publisher, and one of his last tweets is “big announcement very soon…” This is a really interesting way to find out stuff.

  • Guest

    You had me until insinuating working with Lerman gave him a leg up. Lerman is not connected to Fault in any way, so why would having worked with him give a director an edge? If anything, Boone being hired could give Lerman an edge later when they cast Augustus. Some objectivity is needed here on that point.

  • Dave

    Officially announced today, your hunch was correct. Well done :)

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