Top Ten Worst Episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Since compiling our list of the ’Ten Greatest Episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ back in May, we thought it was about time that we listed our picks for the worst episodes of Buffy.

As great as Buffy the Vampire Slayer is, I think we can all agree that not every episode is as memorable and exciting as ‘Hush’ or ‘Once More With Feeling.’ Here’s a list of ten episodes that will forever represent the low points of Buffy.


1. Where the Wild Things Are (Season 4, episode 18)


First up is ‘Where the Wild Things Are.’ To be honest, I don’t think there’s anything positive that I can say about this episode. For a large chunk of it, Buffy and Riley are at a frat party upstairs compelled to have sex with each other, while the rest of the Scooby gang attempt to fight off the angry manifestations of a group of children who were abused by the woman who formally managed the home. Personally, I was never really a fan of the whole Buffy-Riley relationship and the episode just seemed a little pointless. Nothing much happens, and if anything, its one redeeming quality is that it’s in this episode that fans first saw Giles (played by Anthony Stewart Head) sing (quite well, I might add) at the Espresso Pump.


  • Seth

    A really weak list in my opinion. Most of Season 7 was a lot worse than any of these episodes could even think of being.

  • Swaggle

    I enjoyed all of season one, and most of season two, I don’t see why people don’t like them.

  • Brittney Burrow

    The “worst” episodes of Buffy are still better than the best episodes of most other shows. Except Supernatural, it’s on par with Buffy.

  • VampireJohan888

    I agree with you that “Where The Wild Things Are” is a really bad, meanless episode! Boring party (the party in “The Harsh Light Of Day” is much, much better and antithes to you I think Giles singin’ BADLY! The only positive I see in it is the intro (Buffy at the cemetery fighting), that’s cool!
    But I don’t understand why everybody has to complain on “Beer Bad”? I think it’s a good, funny episode and Buffy so sexy with that hair! Also “Bad Eggs”! It’s the first episode (of two) with Lyle Gorch in it and the intro there is fucking AMAZING!!!

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  • Q

    No comments…for good reason. Your choices are way off base.

  • Cliff Harald

    I never liked the musical episode. But it’s probably because I detest musicals in the first place.

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  • principal1

    Should have had Wrecked the list. Magic is crack and Amy is caught stealing Sage !!!!
    It was also a cop out on Willows story changing it from her insecurities and lust for power to being about Drugs

  • Flying Tiger

    Anything focusing on Tara or Dawn? Kittens as demon money with no reason or point? Spike/Buffy? Riley? Magic as crack? Seasons 6 and 7? This list is fail.

  • Xena Amazon

    I hate the episode “Him” bc it made light of Buffy boffing a high school kid. In the real world, she would have gone to jail, or, at the very least, would have been ordered to register as a sex offender for the rest of her life. There’s nothing funny or comedic about school employees sexually exploiting the kids for whom they are responsible. It was rather creepy.

    • Niala Wesley

      You realize she was under a love spell, right? Had there been penetration (it got stopped before that) it would’ve meant SHE was raped since she had her ability to consent taken away. And I think the writers downplayed the authority figure angle because there was only a 4 year age difference between the characters and the actor who played RJ was 2 years older than SMG.

  • red5

    Beer Bad ain’t great, but the story that leaves me cold is Restless. A bizarre and pretentious way to end season 4.