“Thrones” Back in April


Winter is coming… in April!

According to an AOLTV story, HBO has announced that Game of Thrones will return with its second season this April. Previous rumors as noted here on Leaky have it debuting April 15, but for now the month is all that appears confirmed. The previous series was 10 episodes, which would have this series running through at least mid-June if there are no vacant weeks.

Game of Thrones has really been picking up speed as a media property: we have high enough interest for leaked set photos and news reports of minor injuries. It will have at least two types of videogames (RTS, and RPG as recently announced). Now a new season is being teased. How pumped are you?

  • Melissa Anelli

    I’ll answer first. I AM REALLY PUMPED.

  • Critterfur7

    Me too. I’m still working my way through the books (about halfway through Clash of Kings right now). I thought the 1st Season of Game of Thrones was the proper way to do a book-to-television (or movie) adaptation; considering that the books span hundreds of pages, multiple points-of-view, and a ton of backstory and history (which had to somehow be revealed as exposition in dialogue), I felt the writers and producers did an excellent job. I hope the average-fan-on-the-street is able to keep track of all the various characters and factions, because it only gets more and more complicated (but in a good way). I’m crossing my fingers that the ratings go up a bit for Season 2, so that Season 3 is greenlit (anything beyond that is just wishful thinking at this point). Anyway, Season 2 will be great…It is known…