Three New Songs from Alex Day


Alex Day is breaking the rules as usual. On May 27th he’ll be releasing his next three singles – all at once! The songs are Day’s own “Good Morning Sunshine,” an interpretation of “She Walks Right Through Me,” and “This Kiss,” a duet with “Lady Godiva” video star Carrie Hope Fletcher.

This is the kind of thing that makes major record labels a bit nervous. It’s not completely new for Day, however, who has notoriously released several remixes of the same song at the same time to trick the music charts. But Day likes to go against the grain and no longer appears interested in beating the charts:

“This simultaneous release of three new singles flies directly in the face of major label conventional wisdom… Releasing three songs kills the chance of charting by not concentrating all the effort in one week, but the charts don’t matter anymore…  I think the time has come for traditional media to adapt. After all, the video for ‘Forever Yours’ has been viewed more than 4 million times on You Tube. If radio bosses are wondering why ratings are slipping, perhaps the answer lies online.”

What do you think, Leakies? Will you buy all three songs? Will Day release music videos for each? Stay close to LeakyNews for the latest!



  • souravi

    three songs all at once!!! I would be lying if I said I’m not excited!!

  • Juliet’s Shadow

    AHHHHHH! So Excited!!!

  • Kaleidochord

    I’m glad he doesn’t seem too bothered by the charts this time round; a third attempt would have been a bit much. I am insanely excited for these songs!

  • Honor Louise

    YES lfjvhuofhv *emails Alex as to why he did not tell us earlier three days isn’t long enough to save man omg*

  • Alyssa Fukumoto

    I can’t wait for the duet with Carrie–they sound amazing together! And I will most definitely be buying the other singles. :)

  • Grace Chen

    I’m so proud of Alex :D