The Voice 5×8 and 9: Bring on the Powerhouses


This week, The Voice continued its trend of showing us some high quality performances this season, particularly during the Battle Rounds. The performances were high energy and extremely high quality. Most of all, though, they proved that a performance does not need to be technically perfect to be amazing. Performance factor, stage presence, emotion, and ability to draw in a crowd are often just as, if not more important than getting every single note right. A few performances here proved that head on.

We’re much closer to the live shows now, with only the knockout rounds left after this. So far this season has many standout performers, with no clear “this person will likely take it all” favorite. Even the teams are pretty evenly mixed, though Team Adam does seem to have more of the singers I am most excited about.

More than anything, I’m going to miss the presence of the guest mentors, as nearly all of them have been interesting, helpful, and entertaining additions to the show. Good job with that one, producers. Please bring them back again next season.

On to the performances.