The Voice 5×19: Belting is the Thing


It’s time for the Top 8 and the pressure is on. The singers all gave insanely impressive performances this week, making it much harder to pick a favorite than before. The coaches are clearly starting to feel the pressure as well, and their reactions to their teams are reflecting it. Adam and Blake were practically bouncing out of their chairs at several points throughout the night.

The front-runners continue to be a blur, but I’m placing the odds on Will, James, Jacquie, and Matthew. Caroline has the potential to be up there, but she needs to get a bit more audience support first. Ray, Cole, and Tessanne are both fantastic and doing well, but there’s something missing for me, and I imagine they will be the bottom three this week, with Caroline as a possible replacement for Tessanne.

There were a couple of great group performances this week, since they clearly needed to fill time. Robin Thicke also came on to perform his new single. The good news is we won’t have to listen to him sing “Blurred Lines” much more.

Will, Tessanne, Cole, and Ray sing “One Day.” It’s fun and mixes their voices in a great way. They have a lovely combination of harmonies and a few really powerful moments that make this one of the better group performances of the season.

James, Matthew, Caroline, and Jacquie sing “Lego House” together, a great combination of voices on a wonderful song. The youthfulness that comes from this grouping is palpable and it was a great decision on the part of the producers to make it happen.