The Voice 5×15: Too Much Talent


It’s top 12 week here on The Voice and everyone is amazing. Really, though, it was a little weird how close to faultless every performance was, at least according to the coaches. Granted, most of the performances were excellent, and we could easily be looking at our strongest ever Top 12. But often the coaches like to gloss over the little issues, even the ones who are competing against each other. It’s a bit weird and can occasionally backfire, making the coaches look a little out of touch. On the other hand, it’s nice to have a competition show where the overall vibe is positive and more about building people up than tearing them down.

We’re starting to see some true front runners now that each team has been whittled down to three. Team Adam is in a great place. James has been having a great couple of weeks and this was possibly his best yet. Tessanne continues to be a strong performer and contender, and could easily continue that trend. Will has improved leaps and bounds over the past few weeks and this week he showed how good he truly is. While Cole and Austin are both doing well on Team Blake, neither seems like a true front runner quite yet.

Team Christina is also full of powerhouses, and Jacquie is the true standout there. She is possibly the strongest on the show at the moment, absolutely dominating every one of her performances. Matthew and Josh are both strong contenders as well and both have made significant progress in the last week alone. On Team Cee Lo there are two strong contenders – Kat and Caroline – even though they are complete opposoties. Caroline has been the most consistent and seems to be very popular with the audience.

The moral of the story? There’s no way to know who is going to take this because there are just too many contenders. Whether that will change after this week’s results show remains to be seen.