The Voice 5×13: Not Everyone is a Powerhouse


The second live show of the week wasn’t quite as successful as the first. Teams Cee Lo and Christina performed, and while there were some mindblowing, amazing performances (Jacquie in particular), there were also several that just weren’t up to par. It’s disappointing to see some of the contestants who were doing well falter when the live shows hit.

Overall, Team Christina has the powerhouse of Jacquie going for her. The sixteen-year old is a solid front runner now and, if she keeps it up, could easily take the win. She’d be the second teenage winner in a row, which wouldn’t be that surprising. She’s very marketable and has the voice to match. Over on Team Cee Lo, the only real standout this week was Kat, who proved she can do subtle, underscored performances and still knock it out of the park. Her voice is refined yet rough, and her performance illustrated just how to engage with an audience and sound amazing at the same time.

Otherwise, this episode was good, but not great. I look forward to next week when all four teams are able to perform at the same time so that we can get a better picture of the overall competition.

Also, before you dive into the individual performances, you absolutely should definitely right now watch A Great Big World’s “Say Something” duet with Christina Aguilera. It is amazing. I truly can’t stop listening to it. In fact, maybe wait until you’re done with the article so you remember to keep going. Either way.