The Voice 5×12: And the Live Shows Begin


We’re finally at The Voice live shows, folks! This first episode covers Team Blake and Team Adam (aka the bromancers of The Voice) and it’s a powerhouse episode. Everyone is on their game, and only a couple of the singers falter at all, and even that is minimal. It’s a showcase of just how much talent there is this year.

A few of the performances, however, were probably a bit overhyped by the judges, as usually happens this early in the game. They often avoid giving negative comments and instead find other things in the performance to compliment that don’t have to do with what is wrong. It was as big theme of last season’s judging/coaching.

However, in this episode Nic could have been more dynamic, Cole’s performance was great but the song choice wasn’t the best, and Grey’s vocals could have been stronger. Otherwise we had a truly impressive first live show and it’s hard to predict who will be in the bottom, so much so that I have completely avoided doing so.

We’ll move on to the performances and you’ll see exactly why.

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