The Vampire Diaries 5×2 Review: True Lies


The Vampire Diaries has always struggled to capture the audience in season premieres, but once it gets its legs we are all in. The season 5 premiere was rushed and messy, but last night’s episode “True Lies” brought back everything we love about this show. The new characters are beginning to make more sense and the Mystic Falls crew is falling back into their old roles. Having Damon at Whitmore and the Glibert-Donovan brain trust back together seriously helped. Silas’ story line is starting to get interesting. It’s about time since we’ve been subjected to this Silas stuff for a year now. The Vampire Diaries jumps the shark constantly, and having Stefan be Silas’ shadow self was definitely a jump, but Paul Wesley is making it work. We know Wesley prefers to play bad Stefan and it comes across on screen. He just seems to be having more fun, which works wonders for Silas’ appeal as the bad guy of the season.

The winner of this episode though, Nina Dobrev. She is one hard working actress. Between Katherine’s sore throat and Elena being mind controlled by Silas, Dobrev had a long night. For years she played Katherine as a vampire and Elena as a human, but somehow the other way around is even more appealing. As Katherine says, she is a survivor. Even though she’s human she will never give up on herself. On the opposite end Elena has always been a care giver and took that with her when she died. Although she uses her vampire powers (primarily to have sex with Damon), she still chooses her friends over herself.

Katherine is changing as a human now. Sometimes the emotional shifts on TVD are more of a plot twist than the actual plot. I mean Katherine coming back to help Jeremy of all people, no one saw that coming. The first meeting of Katherine and Elena since the cure will undoubtably be epic. We haven’t gotten a look at how Elena feels about her brother bumming around with Katherine either. Forget Silas, the gypsies, and whatever is going on in college Katherine’s story is should be the main plot of season 5. The bitch is back and we never want to see her leave Mystic Falls. You know unless Nina Dobrev can clone herself and send Katherine to New Orleans to be with Elijah, but that’s unlikely.

In the world of romance, nothing can get in between Damon and Elena’s smoochy time. Even after finding out Damon has been lying to her, she’s still happily in love. It’s nice to see them like this for a little while. Seeing as this show likes to destroy our emotions it can’t last for much longer. He may be a serial killer, but he’s Elena’s serial killer. Damon and Elena’s relationship is almost normal. They lie, they fight, they make up, they have way too much sex, but yeah normal. It lacks the be-all-end-allness of Stefan and Elena’s romance, but really that’s what you want from your second serious vampire boyfriend. Just ask Buffy, sometimes it makes you feel better to pick the guy who’ll break the house with you instead of the one who’ll cry on your shoulder.

Sidenote: Silas’ mind control powers should be more powerful than Klaus’ considering he is much older, and yet Elena broke the spell without breaking much of a sweat. It took a lot more willpower for Stefan to break Klaus’ compulsion. Maybe it’s reminisce of Silas just not being as frightening as Klaus, but if he wants to be the new big bad he’s really got to up his game. Caroline’s sexy human pal made another appearance in “True Lies”. He’s cute and warm blooded and if Caroline is going to date him she should just go back to Matt Donovan. Also in need of normalcy, Jeremy Gilbert. Hopefully mini-Gilbert will start dating someone who’s alive (or at least corporeal). Bonnie’s jealously will then drive her out of Jeremy’s mind and she’ll leave all of us alive people alone. A girl can dream. Let’s be real, Jeremy will never have a normal girlfriend. He’s got an obvious thing for dead people.


Matt and Rebekah’s sex buddy has a lot more secrets than any new character ought to. From the looks of it she may even be Silas’ sex buddy by the end of next week. Gypsies, a new entity in Mystic Falls who can posses people and use them as their personal nanny cam, interesting. Are they using magic? Is Nadia betraying her family and going to the dark side? We haven’t had a new “species” (I know that’s a horrible world) in The Vampire Diaries since the hunters. There is so much going on in season 5 that it isn’t necessary to introduce something completely new; however, in last night’s episode the gypsies, as Silas calls them, were more intriguing and less of a nuisance, which was a step up from the premiere.

Sheriff Forbes has got a town of brainwashed psychos on her hands, but decides her time is better spent drugging Stefan out of the quarry since Damon asked nicely. No one can say no to those eyes. Now Stefan is on the lose and off the wagon. His return to the Salvatore mansion is not going to be pretty. Instead of taking the three month drowning as a holistic cleanse, the ripper is back. Everyone knows that if you suck too much blood after being in a box for three months you’ll get a tummy-ache, but Stefan doesn’t care. Without the prospect of Elena on the other side, Stefan has very little reason to be a vegetarian. I see a good long time out in the basement in Stefan’s near future.

And to round out the night we have the introduction of the hottest, youngest, micro-biologist in the country. After Elena finds Stefan, she and the Professor will be spending quality time together talking about her daddy issues. As someone who couldn’t have been more than 11 when Elena’s dad taught him, Professor Wes will obviously have all of the answers. A tie in of Wes back to the founders or the Gilbert diaries would make the most sense, but really this plot line could lead to anything. It’s too soon to tell.

“True Lies” was plot heavy and introduced a ton of new information, but it was also an extremely entertaining episode. This is what TVD does best. It throws plot at us and sneaks in the emotional bits like individually wrapped chocolates. For the first time in a while (since the middle of Season 4) I am dying to know what happens next. “True Lies” left more questions than answers, while taking us back to the basics. So let me leave you with the line of the night courtesy of the one and only Damon Salvatore.


What did you think of last night’s episode? Will Damon and Elena’s goo-goo eyes ever stop? Will Bonnie ever tell people she’s dead? Does Professor Wes know Doogie Howser, M.D.? Let us know in the comments.

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursday at 8/7c on the CW.