The Sorkin is Coming, the Sorkin is Coming…


We have a couple of notes that all end in A new Aaron Sorkin show is coming, a new Aaron Sorkin show is coming, and it’s like six weeks away and be prepared for a lot of insufferable squealing!

First, it appears that The Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg will be in the opening episode of The Newsroom: However, don’t get your nerdy panties in a twitch just yet. It’s just a voiceover, and just for one ep.

Dev Patel, best known for being super attractive while water-tortured in Slumdog Millionaire, answered some questions about the show in a new interview for

You write the blog for Jeff Daniels’s character, when he doesn’t even realize he’s got a blog.
Yeah. My character’s not a weathered, trained journalist, but part of that new generation that does Facebook, MySpace, everything that the Arab Spring used as a tool, to broadcast stories. And he’s trying to give them some new steam, to get them a younger audience. Jeff is against all that, so that’s the tension. The pace of journalism and broadcasting is so intense, and the guys on the team shape public perception — someone could be a terrorist or a hero by the way they feed us that information! It’s so interesting and so super fast. Everyone’s jumping on top of each other, so it’s a verbal duel. It’s fun, all right.

There is also an entire new trailer, which you can watch below, and will star heavily in a post that picks it to its spare bits shortly.

The Sorkin is Coming, the Sorkin is Coming!

  • Jordan

    Oh, god, yes please! I can never say no to more Sorkin.

  • sirpopey

    I’m so unbelievably excited for this show. I just hope that it gets picked up quickly here in the UK, otherwise I’m not sure I can wait.

    • Ollie Hogg

      This has Sky Atlantic written all over it, so let’s hope they get the deal done fast!

  • Rosianna

    i need it i need it i need it

  • Taekia Blackwell