“The Return of the Ring” Press Reaction Roundup

After last night’s crazy and yet simultaneously familiar Gossip Girl season finale, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men are weighing in on Blair’s choice and the other ridiculous stuff that happened in “The Return of the Ring.” Have a read of press reactions below. Spoilers for “The Return of the Ring” are yonder.

Entertainment Weekly‘s Popwatch says:

“To quote Gossip Girl herself: The more things change, the more they stay the same. As much as these 20-somethings have changed, they’re ultimately in the same place they were when the series began. And so, as fun.’s “We Are Young” played, and it was apt, but also tragically ironic. As the final stretch plays out, the Upper East Siders’ return to early days ridiculata could certainly move back to the sudsy excitement Gossip Girl offered up in seasons 1 and 2. Or, if the trajectory continues as the end of tonight’s episode showed, it will just be a slow trudge to “Ladies Who Lunch” territory.”

Laura Prudom of the Huffington Post seems to be on the same page as I am re: Monsieur Bass:

“Blair and Chuck have been “fighting for each other” for years now, but in the end, it still necessitated Blair, ever the martyr, humbling herself for her man before the pair could have any hope of reconciliation. Despite all the cruel things Chuck has said to her over the years, all the emotional abuse, the writers determined that this newly empowered woman, complete with her own empire, should once again go and make herself vulnerable for the man who is so insecure that he scoffed at the very notion of being in a relationship with a woman who was earning more money than him. (“I don’t want to be Mr. Blair Waldorf — I’m Chuck Bass.” Ugh.)

I wholly believe in the idea of redemption, the prospect that, despite physically and verbally abusing Blair and attempting to rape Jenny in the past (in other words, being a truly heinous human being), perhaps Chuck has changed, perhaps he is sorry, and is thus deserving of a second chance. There have been a number of episodes demonstrating his honest regret this season, his feelings of remorse and his desire to make amends. But because the writers seem incapable of coming up with a story that they haven’t already regurgitated twice before, that Chuck was nowhere to be found this week. And if a person can so easily regress to that default cruelty the moment that they’re hurt, how much have they truly changed?”

Lastly, HollywoodReporter quotes producer’s Stephanie Savage on Blair’s decision and the effect it will have on the next season:

“For the writers, there was never any doubt as to whether Chuck and Blair would reunite. “I don’t know if it was ever a question in the season,” executive producer Stephanie Savage told reporters Monday evening. “It was a matter of arcing out their relationship.” The last scene sees Blair going all in with her relationship with Chuck, but is he ultimately going to take the bait? “We crafted the last act to set us in a certain direction next year,” Savage teased.”

Yikes. Seems like everyone was a bit underwhelmed/annoyed/struck with massive deja-vu. Are you at all intrigued by what Savage is teasing for next year or is it all a bit blah?

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