The Newsroom Special Features and Season 2 Previews Roundup [UPDATED]


The folks behind the scenes of The Newsroom have been quite busy releasing a host of extras and features in the past few weeks as they prepare for not only the new season, but also the release season 1 on DVD, Blu-Ray, and Digital Download this Tuesday.

The biggest news is that we have an official, honest-to-God trailer for season 2! The trailer actually shows clips of scenes and gives us an idea of what this big storyline is going to be about over the course of the season. Also, is that Sloan punching someone?

I won’t give away any more “spoilers” from the trailer. Watch it, though. It will get you seriously pumped for the upcoming season.

As we saw when they released the first season 2 trailer, the Aaron Sorkin creation looks like it will be picking up right where it left off last season in terms of relationships and the news itself. However, they’ve added a twist this season, where one storyline will be a common thread throughout. Sorkin discusses it in this season 2 behind the scenes clip. It will be very interesting to see where this goes and if it works well for the style of the show.

Our other season 2 feature is a “tease” video. It basically just shows us different shots of the characters looking pensive, dramatic,  and intense. It’s a nice little piece, though, and design to get excitement about the next season up. Mission accomplished I’d say.

The features from season 1 range from deleted scenes to roundtable discussions about the decisions made by the creative team. One of the most interesting is a short clip on why they decided to use real news for the show and not fabricated news pieces. In it, Sorkin explains how he was “hanging out in a lot of newsrooms” (as one does, I suppose) and he happened to be in a control room during the BP oil spill. That experience was a bit of a trigger for him for what the show would look like (and inspiration for a storyline, to boot). As using real news in the very recent past is one of the show’s most interesting and unique facets, I’d certainly be interesting in seeing the entirety of this discussion.

The two deleted scenes we get are filled with physical comedy and lots of it, from Lonny and Maggie respectively. In the first one, Lonny protects Will from an angry viewer while Will attempts to speak with tourists about the sites to see while in NY. Eventually he breaks and starts questioning the not-so-happy protester, much to Lonny’s annoyance. It’s very Will and is clearly meant mostly to get laughs, but is great nonetheless.

In the second video we get a look at the episode with Will’s ulcer hospitalization and some of the crazy going on in the office as a result. During the little pow wow that the staff has discussing Will’s progress, Maggie gets called “non-essential personnel”. Watchers of the show know that this was probably the worst possible thing to call Maggie, and she legitimately flings herself in the direction of Jane, Will’s not so charming stand-in. The physical comedy is thoroughly hilarious in this scene but it also brings up all the questions of plight of the female characters in The Newsroom. However, it’s definitely worth a watch.

And that’s it (for now)! What do you think? What news stories do you think they’ll tackle? What do you think about some of the previews of the relationship updates? Let us know!

  • Melissa Anelli

    OH FEMALE CHARACTERS ON NEWSROOM…god, I hope you get it together and SOON.