The Newsroom Season 2: New Trailer!


Rejoice, Newsroom fans! We have a Season 2 trailer and boy is it Sorkin-esque. Filled with metaphor, the trailer is set in a desert, with our beloved, grumpy anchor walking out from behind his news desk and seeing all of our favorite characters in turn. Each time they start off happy and then they switch to completely devastated. It’s good to see that Mac, Jim, Maggie, Neil, Don, Sloane, and Charlie will all be back.

It seems we’ll be picking up right where we left off with the dramas of our characters if this trailer is any indication. Whether the new writing staff accompanying Sorkin will make any major difference also remains to be seen, but I, for one, have high hopes. I’m also dying to see where in the news cycle we pick up and what they will cover because I’m a news nerd and that’s how I roll.

What do you guys think? Great trailer or completely weird? Are you ready for the season to start? It begins on July 14!

  • Amanda Wysocki

    Words can’t begin to describe how excited I am for this show to come back. I think I read somewhere that the season will cover the presidential primaries up through Sandy Hook, but I could be wrong. Regardless, it’s going to be awesome!

  • Tricia

    The trailer is great (if somewhat weird). I love the “I’m watching” billboard, can’t wait to see where all this will take us.