The Mindy Project Recap 2×12: Body by Dan


Mindy has returned! Celebrate! And she’s certainly celebrating the firsts in her relationship with Cliff, right where we left off. Cliff wants to take a ski getaway with Mindy, their first big romantic weekend trip. With one mention of a hot tub, Mindy is horrified at the prospect of wearing a bikini in January.

At the office, Betsy made a whole extra coffee cake for Mindy (as she demands), and how is she supposed to resist that? It’s bad enough she ate five hams and a goose over the holidays. In preparation for her weekend trip with Cliff, Mindy attempts to diet and exercise with little pay off. Ever sensitive, Danny suggests she get a bathing suit with a skirt like the moms. Not received well.

Mindy lets the gang in on the secret “illusions” that she employs so that her boyfriends never see her naked, hence her nerves. She even tried to get a personal trainer through Tinder. Which, as Mindy and I now know, is actually a matchmaking app. And you probably shouldn’t use Rihanna’s album cover as your profile picture. But it’s Morgan to the rescue! He volunteers to be Mindy’s personal trainer. For five dollars.

Jeremy is sick, but Mindy and Danny are unconcerned and leave Peter to take over Jeremy’s managing partner duties. Peter is in charge, and I am afraid. His management style is even more laissez-faire than we expected, and Tamra and Morgan’s dumb argument over their L-shaped desk is unresolved.

Morgan literally spits on Mindy’s face during their workout, so that’s done. Especially once Mindy spies Danny running off to the gym. She corners Danny to convince him to train her. Since, you know, he has a great body. Mindy starts talking about a “future” with “Cliff,” and Danny (much like us in the viewing audience) snaps and agrees to take her to the gym with him.


Peter’s patience is wearing thin with the office staff. Much like us. Peter is us right now. He tells them it’s okay to open the window if it’s too hot in the room, and an owl flies into the office. Later, Morgan has gotten the owl out of the kitchen and Tamra manages to order Peter the gloves he wants. A million of them. Peter yells at her, and she goes off to clear her head.

Danny’s gym is pretty minimalist, without an elliptical or treadmill in sight. It’s not like Dancing with the Stars. It’s that marine movie Danny was talking about. Mindy’s performance rhinestones are obviously not welcome either. Danny figures out the perfect way to motivate Mindy to do her push-ups and everything else: elaborate scenarios in which she has to save celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Anne Hathaway. This scene is perfect because it shows how much Danny has grown out of his grumpy, cut-off-from-pop-culture pilot-self and into the guy who genuinely cares what Mindy’s into.

After her hard workout, Mindy has earned the steam room, which she walks into naked. Why? Who cares. Danny’s inside and yep, it’s a coed steam room. Danny throws his towel to Mindy, who refuses it. Now they’re both naked. What is happening? Why is it happening? I don’t even care. Mindy’s hair gets caught on Danny’s watch, and Mindy falls trying to run away. It’s not pleasant (just for them; for us it’s hysterical and wonderful).


Danny runs Mindy to the hospital, where they have her leg in some cast thing. Danny promises he didn’t see anything and that he doesn’t need to quit so they don’t have to see each other. Even though he didn’t see anything, Danny has a few tips for what they can work on. Mindy takes offense and gives Danny the note that even though the rest of him is okay, his feet are disgusting.

Peter stops by Jeremy’s with soup in hand, only to find out that he’s playing “nooky hooky” and is not sick at all. Jeremy needed a break, especially since he’s come back (dumb) with the fat suit. Peter tracks down Tamra at a salon and has finally found his inner boss. He takes control and throws the owl out the window (he flies away, he’s fine), has Betsy call to get their heat fixed, and reinstates Jeremy as managing partner.

Alone in her office, Mindy strips (again!?) to look at herself in the mirror. The owl has ended up IN HER OFFICE. Danny runs in when she screams, and again Mindy is going to kill him. And Danny’s got some more notes for her that Mindy does not let him get to, and she runs him out.

In his own office, Danny further examines his feet, which he agrees are weird. Mindy knocks and Danny delivers the line, “Mindy is that you? I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on!” Mindy’s line from Wiener Night. I can just touch that fourth wall.

Mindy finally defends herself to Danny and says what we all know: that everything anyone can say about her body, she’s already thought. Danny, in wonderful, drastic contrast to most of the guys in Mindy’s life (Casey’s proposal, anyone?), lets Mindy know that she doesn’t need to change anything about herself. Although, as she’s leaving, he does let her know that he likes it lush. Did NOT need to know.

This episode is a wonderful way for them to start off the new year, and what I love most about this one isn’t the Mindy/Danny relationship or Adam Pally finally finding his place in this cast. It’s that Mindy doesn’t get her confidence back when Danny reassures her. She gets it back before that in her office because she figures out that she looks good on her own.

What did you think of the episode? Did you (like me) actually enjoy Peter and Jeremy’s story for once? Mindy/Danny relationship development? Let us know in the comments!

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    I would pay $300 a month if my gym was equipped with Danny Castellano