“The Mark of Athena” Released Today


It’s finally here! The Mark of Athena, Rick Riordan’s 3rd book in The Heroes of Olympus series is now available!

Disney’s press release states there are 3.5 million copies of this New York Times #1 best-seller already in print.

This pivotal book in the series brings together the seven demigods of the prophecy, uniting both Greeks and Romans on a quest to defeat the evil goddess Gaea. Sailing across county on Leo’s ship the Argo II, Annabeth discovers that being the leader is tough. On top of the quest, she has been given a special mission by her mother to follow Athena’s Mark. Annabeth isn’t the only one with issues. Each of the demigods find themselves in a difficult position and must decide where their loyalties lie (Greek or Roman? Friend or Foe?).  A series of mini missions take our heroes to all new places and introduce them to a new cast of immortals, both gods and monsters. The action takes off right away driving the story to the very end when a terrible tragedy leaves us waiting for The House of Hades, part four in the series to be released fall 2013.

This “all-star” cast of demigods take on familiar myths with Riordan’s signature blend of humor and suspense, making Mark of Athena one of his best yet. The story is filled with enjoyable moments, but here are my personal top five (No Major Spoilers!!):

  1. Traveling on the Argo II - Built by mechanical genius Leo, this ship is a transformer made from his old dragon Festus. It’s controlled by Wii remote and equipped with serious monster killing weaponry, but it’s also built for comfort. Each of the cabins automatically reacts to the campers preferred temperature and light settings. Don’t mistake this boat for one of those reed creations the Kanes floated around in.
  2. Annabeth Gets Grounded – Privacy is hard to come by for demigods. Especially when their chaperon is a crazy goat-man. Annabeth finds out just how crazy he is when she get’s caught taking a midnight stroll with Percy.
  3. Percy and Jason Showdown – We all knew it would happen eventually right? Well, maybe not quite like this… You’ll have to read to find out what happens when our favorite Greek and Roman heroes collide and who walks away the #1 demigod.
  4. Team Leo – Leo is stuck on a dangerous mission surrounded by couples and it’s no fun being the seventh wheel. This time Leo gets to have all the fun and it is hilarious. This comedic scene will have everyone joining team Leo.
  5. Percy and Annabeth’s Reunion – Maybe it’s the hopeless romantic in me, but I have been waiting for this moment since The Lost HeroThe couple are finally reunited and the scene is one that would make Ron and Hermione proud.

That list doesn’t even scratch the surface! What are you waiting for? Hurry up and read The Mark of Athena! Leaky News wants to know what you think!


  • Julia

    I finished it, and I have to say this is a pretty good list, though there are more good moments,too.

  • Me

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  • Me

    Ok. I know. THE MARK OF ATHENA!!! Ahhh!!!! Loved it. Good List, though I can think of some other great ones.