The Hunger Games: Julianne Moore Could Play Alma Coin and Catching Fire Panel at ComicCon

The Hollywood Reporter has some hot casting news for Mockingjay (the final chapter in The Hunger Games series). Julianne Moore is apparently in talks to play District 13 leader, Alma Coin.

The talks are in very early stages and as the Reporter pointed out, The Hunger Games is no stranger to A-Listers. Or Oscar nominees (and winners, Miss Lawrence) for that matter.

I think Moore would be a perfect fit for the role of the revenge driven Coin, and pretty kick-ass woman.

Mockingjay is set to join many other blockbuster franchises in the two-part finale group. Francis Lawrence (Catching Fire, I Am Legend, Water For Elephants) is set to direct the final two movies.

Now to go back to the upcoming installment in The Hunger Games series, Catching Fire is set to have a panel at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

Stars from the movie are set to attend the Con, although no firm attendees have been confirmed as of yet. According to Deadline, Lionsgate is the first company to announce the movies it will be promoting (this also includes their other feature I, Frankenstein) and the panels also have a prime Saturday spot. Even though this is the perfect PR slot, they did not attend the Con before The Hunger Games debuted. That didn’t harm them as the film still managed to make $152.5M in the opening weekend and $691.2M worldwide.

With less than a month until the Con, Lionsgate will hopefully be announcing a full list of panel attendees within the coming weeks.

It looks like this could be an exciting summer for Hunger Games fans, especially if early talks for Mockingjay cast members has already begun. We will most likely get a plethora of interesting information and behind-the-scenes antics from the ComicCon panel.

Catching Fire is still around five months away (November 22) but I’m already getting very excited.