The Harry Potter Audiobooks are Finally on Audible

For the longest time, digital copies of the Harry Potter series were available solely on J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore website. Today it was announced that the entire series has now been made available in audiobook format for purchase and download through Audible, giving its members access to the original series recordings for a much better price. UK listeners will listen to Stephen Fry’s narration, while US listeners will hear Jim Dale.

Audible’s Chief Content Officer had this to say in a press release:

We are thrilled to offer our customers the opportunity to enjoy the Harry Potter audio catalog seamlessly through the Audible service. J.K. Rowling’s celebrated series is firmly entrenched in the literary pantheon, but when the first Harry Potter novel was released in 1997, smartphones were yet to become the ubiquitous listening devices they are today. Now fans of this trailblazing series have an effortless and affordable way to enjoy them in audio.

The breathtaking performances of Jim Dale, Stephen Fry and Felix von Manteuffel transform Harry Potter’s adventures into immersive and truly transporting new experiences—even for those who have already read the novels. We look forward to bringing more listeners to this richly imagined universe.

It took a long time for Rowling to truly embrace the digital platform for her series. While the audiobooks have been available for years, it wasn’t until the unveiling of Pottermore in 2011 that the series was offered in an ebook format. Even then, the ebooks and audiobooks were only available digitally through Pottermore. As the years have gone by, Rowling has given the rights to the ebooks to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited service, and, most recently, the Apple iBooks store.

For those looking to finally add the audiobooks to their collection, Audible’s membership may be the most affordable method of doing so. The whole series would cost nearly $270 at regular retail, but with a monthly Audible membership including one free audiobook credit for about $15 per month you will pay as little as $105. It’s definitely the most cost effective way to own the audiobooks to date.

Plus, check out these cool Audible covers:

So, what are you waiting for? Make your commute to work, the bus ride to school, or your quiet days at home more magical by grabbing the audiobooks from Audible today.