The Flash TV Series Announced

Contributor has reported that the creators behind The CW’s hit show Arrow are set to create a television show for fellow DC character the Flash.

Following on from the success of Arrow, which is based on the DC universe character Green Arrow, Mark Pedowitz, the current president of The CW television network, recently confirmed at the network’s TCA session that the channel is fast-tracking Flash into development.

It was confirmed that the Flash will first appear in three episodes of Arrow. They will introduce Barry Allen (Flash’s alter-ego) as an ordinary man yet to receive his superhero abilities. Barry will feature in the eighth, ninth and twentieth episodes of the second season of the show and will spend much of his time in Oliver Queen’s Starling City. MTV is also reporting  that the twentieth episode of Arrow will “take the audience into Barry’s world,” which could act as a backdoor pilot.

Mark Pedowitz also explained at the network’s TCA session:

We do want to expand upon the DC universe. We think they’re rich characters we can use, and this is an organic way of doing it.

Could this comment therefore suggest that more DC universe characters are to be introduced to our television screens soon? It seems possible; however, Pedowitz also confirmed at the conference that

 Amazon (a potential Wonder Woman script) is on pause (as) the script is not exactly what we wanted, and with an iconic character like Wonder Woman, we have to get it right.

The pilot episode of the Flash series is reportedly going to be directed by David Nutter, who also directed the pilots for Arrow and Smallville, and will eventually air on The CW.

Season two of Arrow is set to air on Wednesday, October 9th.