Lizzie Bennet Diaries #100: “The End”


We’re not waiting for the post to go up, because FEELS.

Let’s refresh YouTube together. Feel free to wail in the comments.

Here we go: it’s called THE END:

“My name is Lizzie Bennet, and this is the final page in my diary.”

“This has been a grand chapter in my life and now it’s time to move on to the next thing.”

So, you know, once I stop crying a lot I can tell you my thoughts on this: really, it was a lovely ending. A little bit of nostalgia, a little bit of wrapup – a nice tie-back with Lydia presenting Lizzie with a candy colored, decorated list of why Lizzie Bennet will never be single, Charlotte revealing that she is taking over Collins & Collins in the U.S. – and a final, sad wave. The characters talk about being really grateful they did it even though there was a lot of drama around the videos, and Lizzie explains that it’s simply time to move on, and stop documenting her life for the net.

But how about that ending, huh? “You know what was unreal?” And in comes Lizzie’s mother. Freeze frame on their shocked/worried faces. That’s the way to go. :)

We’ll surely be talking about all of this in the comments and beyond; but the same way the characters have thanked all of the listeners, I want to thank everyone in the comments who has been hashing this out with us here on LeakyNews week after week after week. I won’t pretend I’m not happy to reclaim those few hours a week back – but I will miss doing this with all of you! We’ll be posting more about LBD in the future: for now, thanks for being part of the LeakyNews community and making this all so fun. We’re not going anywhere: We’ll be covering the next Bernie/Hank adaptation with equal fervor (though Emily will be taking the lead because GOOD LORD, CHIL AM I TIRED).

Melissa out – Emily incoming…

It’s Emily. I feel very strange right now. As I sat watching the last video, sipping my blueberry rooibos herbal tea (because everyone deserves tea), I watched Lizzie, and Charlotte, and Lydia (the trio who started the series, so a nice bit of symmetry there) express both the sadness of things ending– and satisfaction in the journey. And I found those feelings reflected in myself. It’s been awesome (in the truest sense of that word), hasn’t it? Not perfect, of course– no adaptation can ever be perfect– but close enough. I’m so, so grateful to the actors, writers, directors, producers, and other crew for creating this amazing phenomenon– because that’s really what it is. It’s not just a fictional video blog with transmedia elements. It’s so much more than that– a community, a shared history, a chance for beloved characters to live anew, and live forever. It just doesn’t get better than that. So thank you too– the squee-ers, the shippers, even the Edmund Bertram defenders– and especially thanks the Melissa for giving me a platform to write about these things that I love so dearly.

Here’s to the fun we had. Here’s to more to come. *sips tea*

Oh! And don’t forget to watch the end credits video, because it’s awesome:


  • thosethatwander

    WAAIL! (perfect gif btw)

  • Jessica BS

    I AM NOT READY. I mean, I know that stories need endings but I just wanted LBD forever.



  • Arielle

    You’ll Be In My Heart just came on shuffle and with it brought ALL OF THE FEELS! I am not ready, not ready at all!

  • Jessica BS

    I can’t stop laughing!!!! Thank you LBD for keeping me from tears <3

  • Yan

    I was not ready for this at all.

  • Eliza

    Can not stop alternation between ugly crying and hysterical laughter.

  • jpegfilms

    I got choked up when she waved goodbye. And then laughed out loud when the mom showed up and we got to see shock faces. Reminds me of good Joss writing, follow the emotion with a nice laugh. :)

  • jpegfilms

    I LOVE that Lizzie asked if the fiance was real and Charlotte just ignored her. LOL

    • par_parenthese

      That was my FAVE. Bless. That storyline. I just tweeted at Ricky and asked if his fiancee’s name was Alberta and if she had ever lived in Vancouver. Because AVENUE Q.

  • Leah Cornish

    When Lydia said “whaaat,” even though it was toned down, I lost it.

  • jpegfilms

    I also HIGHLY recommend everyone watch the credits. It’s like a highlight reel of the best moments :)

    • Trillian Black

      I thought I was doing okay, but then I decided to watch the credits. Seeing all of that awesomeness again and how many people worked so hard to make this happen…too many feels.

  • laura

    Can I be honest? I don’t particularly like this episode: it simply doesn’t tell me much. I was expecting something emotionally stronger.

    But it’s fine, I mean, it was definitely hard to keep up with the excellent and heartwarming and heartbreaking work that theLBD have been doing for the past year. Almost all of the loose ends had already been wrapped in the past 8 episodes and we needed number 100 just to physically write the word “end” on this story.

    I am happy, in general, I am so very happy and grateful to all the people of the LBD for what they’ve done. P&P has always been one of my favorite books and this I consider now the best adaptation ever made. They found the perfect way to be deeply loyal to the book and at the same time change what needed to be changed to make sense nowadays.

    And thank you, beautiful souls, Lizzie, Jane, Charlotte, Lydia, William, Gigi, Fitz, Bing, Caroline, Ricky, Mary, Maria, George and Kitty.

  • lollifant

    I loved discussing theories, thank you, I’m looking forward to the new adaptation and Sanditon of course. Gigi is awesome!