“The Fault in Our Stars” Optioned by Fox 2000

Publisher’s Weekly today reports that the film rights to John Green’s recently released New York Times bestselling novel, The Fault in Our Stars, have been optioned by Fox 2000. PW adds that it was optioned “for producer Wyck Godfrey” — who produced I, RobotTwilight and Eragon — and that Fox 2000 President Elizabeth Gabler is “overseeing the project along with Fox 2000 v-p of production, Erin Siminoff.”

Read more here on the Publisher’s Weekly website.


  • Anonymous

    Oh boy. I’m not sure how I feel about Wyck Godfrey producing it…

    • http://twitter.com/megashton Meg Ashton

      Why? Twilight was made with Meyer’s help so that could be good news for John

  • http://www.facebook.com/LoriLongbottom Lori Wareham

    Awww I was so pumped until I read what films that guy produced….

    really? Eragon, Twilight and I, Robot? Not exactly great films……

    • http://twitter.com/benedictclarke Benedict Clarke

      Yeah, Eragon was undeniably translated awfully from book to film. But that was more the director’s fault than the producer’s. I actually loved I, Robot.

  • Li

    All of those films were horrible, though…

  • Theboardgamenerd

    I robot, the book was so much better, Eragon the book was so much better (!!), Twilight, the book was a little better ( not much to work with there..) I have a feeling I won’t like the movie, which is sad because I loved the book very much.

  • Sarah

    Really? Really? Very happy for John, but not loving the producer. But, we all have to remember that even though it is optioned, it is unlikely a film will ever come into fruition…or at least that’s what happened for LFA and Paper Towns.

  • Laura

    I think this will be great because despite our opinions on the films mentioned here, John has already noted that he has been very cautious about this book turning into a movie. He has had previous experience when doing paper towns so he had a good idea of what to note before allowing anyone to think they can take over.
    So I’m hoping it will be good, and I expect John wanted to be fairly involved based on what he has told us, so it should stay true to his perceptions, at least to an extent. :)

  • Hahsgdbh

    The guy who did Eragon……..so help us

  • Patricious

    There isn’t anything I’m keen to see literally re TFIOS.
    … I think that’s the correct usage of ‘literally’.

    I mean, I think Hazel is a textbook Ellen Page-esque kind of character (I mean you need an actress like her to pull it off, not necessarily that she should be that actress) and Amsterdam could be shot beautifully but alot of the beauty of the novel comes from the literary tricks and its novel-within-a-novel-nessess.

  • Jpeterson48371

    This will make a wonderful movie. Can’t wait to see it. John Green is an amazing writer.

  • Sarah H

    It should translate to a great film. I cried and cried and cried throughout (and laughed and laughed and laughed) the book but I don’t think that the producer is all that great. Twilight is just terrible (HP fan in the house), Eragon was not a good movie of the book at all, and I never saw I, Robot. Gah. I don’t know what to think. It can either rock my world, or suck beyond all belief.

  • Harriet

    The existence of the film won’t detract from how good the book is, so this can only make the world a better place. Really excited about this :D

  • Hayley_williams


  • Ben

    Twilight is on the list of films he has produced… FML… Please do a better job at this than you did of that…

  • Hazel

    Gaaaah I went crazy seeing this. I will not miss the premier of this. I’m so excited. :D And just my opinion, I really think Augutus Waters should be played by Logan Lerman. His dreamy blue eyes. :>