The Fault in Our Stars: First Look at John Green’s Cameo


Nerdfighters and fans who have been following the production of The Fault in Our Stars are probably already aware that John Green shot a cameo for the movie. Unfortunately, the scene has been cut from the final film.

However, all is not lost as BuzzFeed has unveiled a picture from the scene. The full thing will also be shown at the special Night Before Our Stars event on June 5. The event will allow fans to see the film before it is released the next day, partake in a Q&A with various members of the cast and crew, and enjoy special musical performances from Birdy and Nat and Alex Wolff.

The scene is an adaptation from a part in the book where a young girl approaches Hazel and asks about her nasal canal. The girl’s mother then pulls her way, telling Hazel, “I’m so sorry.” The scene was, of course, changed to take place in an airport with John Green playing the young girl’s father.

You can also check out another sneak peek for the cover of An Imperial Affliction, the fake novel which plays a key role within the book.

The Fault in Our Stars is due to open in cinemas on June 6.