The Fantastic Beasts Plot Has Finally Been Revealed


What a week it’s been for Fantastic Beasts news! First the title art and website went live and then first look images of some of the main characters were unveiled, but now we have the icing on the cake: the film’s highly elusive plot!

Previously, all we knew was that the film involved magizoologist Newt Scamander as he travelled to New York in the 1920s to integrate with the magical community there. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we now have a whole lot more. The plot details below are relatively spoiler-free, but if you want to go into the movie completely cold, avert your eyes now.

The film takes place in 1926 after Newt arrives in New York, for reasons EW deems too spoilery to disclose. When the website revealed the first images yesterday, they brought up Newt’s “pivotal” briefcase (pictured below), which appeared in several of the stills. It turns out that this briefcase is a lot more than meets the eye.


In another classic case (hah!) of “it’s bigger on the inside,” the briefcase contains “expansive habitats for a collection of rare and endangered magical creatures from Newt’s travels around the globe.” Of course, a case containing strange and dangerous magical beasts would not stay conveniently closed for the entire film’s duration: they escape into the non-magical city. As EW also revealed yesterday, the non-magical community in America are known as “no-maj,” and they too play a central role in the film. American witches and wizards are in hiding, threatened by an American public afraid of all things magical, which absolutely does not bode well for Newt and his case full of beasts.

Now that we know what the movie is about, does it meet your expectations? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!