The Episode Castle Fans Have Been Waiting for

It’s finally here – and hopefully without any hitches, catastrophes, or kidnappings.

Heads up, spoilers incoming.

After a fairly tense start to the season (what else is new?) which saw Castle return to Beckett after being abducted without any recollection of the last few months, we have finally come to the moment we’ve been waiting for since season one. Let’s face it, we shipped Caskett from that first interrogation on.

But next week, we’re finally seeing Richard Castle and Kate Beckett exchange their vows. It’s been a long time coming to say the least.

And the episode looks like it’s going to be just as turbulent as their relationship has been. According to the press release, Castle finds himself in an alternate universe in which he and Beckett never met and has to earn her trust all over again. Sounds like a classic episode of twists and turns, sprinkled with some of Rick’s confusion and hilarious interactions.

Check out the sneak peek on the Castle Facebook page here.

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