The Divergent Trailer: 5 Things They Hit Spot On and Missed Out On


Last night during the VMAs, the trailer for the upcoming movie adaptation of the book Divergent was released. I watched it about five times, fangirled for an extended period, and then watched it another hundred times. In simple words, it is AWESOME! If you have not watched it yet, you are definitely missing out. You should watch it now. Even if you have already seen it, just watch it again so you can fangirl over how amazing Four is.

Even though I saw a lot of things that I really loved, I did notice some things that I think should have been approached differently. So, because of that, I present you my list of five important things that the trailer left out and five amazing things that it included.

Five things that were left out

1. The actual role of the word ‘divergent’

This is actually something that I think the trailer over addressed. It may just be me, but it seemed like the trailer exaggerated the idea of being divergent and made it seem like it is what the whole movie is about. The fact is, it’s only one part of the story that really does not come in until the end. To someone who has never read the books, it might seem like the whole movie revolves around the idea of divergents.  Really, there is a whole other storyline behind it. Plus, do they even bother explaining what a divergent is? And that brings me to my next point…

2/3. The other factions/Tris’ choice

They don’t even mention the other factions in the trailer, let alone the choice that Tris makes to switch factions. Like I said, to someone who hasn’t read the book before, the movie might seem like a completely different story because of the lack of details. Yes, it is about being a divergent and Jeanie’s obsession with figuring out how to destroy them, but it’s also about how one girl switches factions, becomes the center of a war in her world, and has amazing experiences that result in a little thing called character development. I know that the movie company only has one minute and fifteen seconds to explain a whole plot line, but, seriously, do you see any of the real plot line in there?

4. Other characters

I know it all comes down to time, but it would have been nice to see a character other than Tris, Four, or Jeanie. For example, we get to hear Caleb talk, but never see his face. WHY? That is the important stuff that I want to see. I want to see the Dauntless initiates and Peter and Caleb and people from the other factions. Even though trailers have a limited amount of time to compact a lot of scenes into, I think there should be a balance in the amount of main characters and minor characters shown.

5. Other important scenes

In my opinion, one major thing that the trailer is missing is a continuous storyline. It seems choppy. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice seeing a lot of different scenes, but it just didn’t fit together well in my mind. I’ll use the Hunger Games trailer as a good example. When the trailer for the first movie came out, there was a storyline. We saw the reaping, then the Capitol, and then the games. It was all in chronological order and it made sense. It would have been nice to see that kind of put-together trailer for Divergent. Maybe we could have seen a bit of the aptitude test, then the choosing ceremony, and then all the little clips of the Dauntless adventures. In my mind, it would have made more sense and would have included almost all the things that I mentioned on this list.

Now, on to the good things!

  • Josini

    I’m actually really glad they haven’t elaborated on the plot line and what all the other factions mean in the trailer. To someone who has never read the book, they’ll be able to walk into the theater and watch the movie without already knowing pretty much exactly what happens, which is something I didn’t like about the Hunger Games trailer. Either way, I definitely look forward to this :)


    “Tris went into the Weapons Lab

    instead of Caleb,” Cara says. “She

    survived the death serum, and set off the

    memory serum, but she . . . she was shot.

    And she didn’t survive. I’m so sorry.”

  • Mikayla Oliveira

    They also had four punching Marcus in the fear landscape instead of tris