The Big Finish: Smash Music from the Finale (Spoilers!)


T-minus five days and counting until the last episode of Smash and from the looks of things, Safran & Co. staged a fitting, Broadway style ending to the show. Called “The Big Finish,” it’s a as self-aware of itself as a Broadway song as Smash is of itself as a show about Broadway. Talk about your meta! And if that’s not enough, just listen to it, and read the lyrics.


Smash - Season 2


Ivy: Hi, Karen Cartwright
Karen: Hi, Ivy Lyn.
Ivy: Are you ready to give the people what they want?
Karen: Always.

I stumbled around a bit
While looking for my big break
Some gentlemen opened doors
But once inside they were all on the make

To sparkle I lit a match
And I admit, some bridges were burned

But we won’t flop
On our way to the top
Cause there’s one damn thing we’ve learned

I give em that big finish
And they’ll forget what came before

Just give em that big finish
But always keep one eye on the door

So I give this lesson
to you my friend

They’ll forgive and forget
if you’re good in the end

Just give ‘em that big finish
And leave them wanting more

You struggle from step to step
Just praying to find the one

The love that you want disappears
As the love that you need settles in for a run

You think that you’re down for the count
But then just like a phoenix you rise

And with some help from above,
Be it Tonys or love,
You’ll be leaving tonight with a prize.

Life gives you that big finish
You’ll just forget what came before
Just give ‘em that big finish
And who knows what next year has in store?

Though the story is finished,
We’ll keep dreaming on
And though we’re sure to miss
Our song when it’s gone,

Let’s give em that big finish
And leave them wanting more!

Hear the angels (?) shout “encore!”
Yeah we’ll leave em,
We’ll leave the people wanting more!

Ivy: Come on Karen Cartwright!
Karen: Where are we going?
Ivy: Show’s over!

Megan Hilty has said that the end of the entire series is a big musical number, and it looks like this is it. What a fabulous little (okay huge) meta wink.

Also out today is a reworked version of “Broadway, Here I Come,” that probably would have made our top ten list had it been out last week. This seems as though this is the one sung onstage at the Tonys (responsible for this picture):


A Smash cast version of Queen’s  ”Under Pressure” and one of the Joe Cocker song “Feelin’ Alright” are also out today; you can check them out here on iTunes!