The Avengers – Premier Buzz and Clip Round-Up

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The Avengers premier was tonight, and thanks to Marvel’s YouTube channel, you can view the whole of the red carpet event.

Twitter buzz is all very positive, and I seriously can’t wait. I previously mentioned that I would be attending an Avengers Assemble marathon, culminating in the midnight showing of Marvel’s latest comic book movie offering. I really cannot overstate my excitement.

So until the reviews start rolling in tomorrow (I’ve set up alerts for Rotten Tomatoes), here’s a few videos to tide over the other salivating comic book nerds like myself.

First off, SCHERBATSKY! What are you doing playing S.H.I.E.L.D. badass ladyface Maria Hill?! How did I miss this? Barney must be pleased as punch that you’ve decided to suit up. And also – 3/5 of the HIMYM cast are now Joss Whedon alums. Amazing.



Next, thanks to MTV, we have an interesting tête-à-tête between RDJ’s Tony Stark and Tom Hiddleston’s Loki regarding the actual probability of the malfeasant mischief-maker’s success in his endeavor… whatever that may be.



While not as action packed and… er… animated as the previous Black Widow clip, we do get a nice amuse-bouche of Whedon’s signature dialogue in both of these clips. Absolutely delectable.

And remember when I speculated on whatever else Loki was up to/who the hell does Loki have backing him up? MTV manages to tease us just as much as Joss Whedon himself did at SXSW by getting Hiddleston to expound a little bit upon Loki’s psychology.



And to top it all off, TotalFilm has provided us with a heaping helping of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in this fun little Avengers featurette.



That’s all I have for now, kids, but trust I’ll do a review round-up as soon as they start rolling in. I promise to keep spoliers to an absolute minimum

In the meantime, HOW STOKED ARE YOU?!? I’m losing it over here.

  • Packrit

    Can’t wait for the marathon leading up to it!

  • Critterfur7

    Holy…I just noticed how big Hulk is in that picture above this section’s title. What the hey? He’s like 50 feet tall! Yeesh…

    Also…hey, you’re right about Whedon mining HIMYM for talent (let me see…Neil Patrick Harris in Doctor Horrible, Cobie Smulders in Avengers, and Aly Hannigan in Buffy, right?).

  • LilyRain


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