The Avengers Go Country With Bad Lip-Reading


The Avengers was an instant favorite in the Marvel cinematic universe and beyond from virtually the moment it hit theaters. In the three years since, countless tributes, memes, and parodies have spread across the internet and we’ve loved every second of it. Until recently, however, The Avengers hadn’t been honored with a milestone in the parody department: an installment of Bad Lip-Reading.

The Bad Lip-Reading YouTube series features scenes from movies (like The Hunger Games), TV, sports and more with lip-reading voice-overs that make great things impossibly better. Despite what the name implies, “bad” usually means “hilarious.”

Just check out this rather compelling trailer for a new show called Redneck Avengers: Tulsa Nights, complete with a catchy theme song.

The clip shows Bruce (or should we say Percy?) and Fury bragging about their fancy pajamas, Steve breaking out some rhymes in a love confession, and Thor admitting he’s a baboon. Also, Tony’s the kind of guy that will steal your beef jerky then insult your grandma.

We’d watch that.