The 10 Best Episodes of Supernatural Season 11

Managing Editor

8. Red Meat 11×17 by Robert Berens & Andrew Dabb


This episode breaks the top ten almost purely on its Tarantino-eqsue opening, but, that neat trick aside, it’s still a well done and tense hour of Supernatural. The danger Sam is in feels very real even though we’re all aware that Jared Padalecki isn’t going anywhere until the show ends for real. The acting done by the guest actors, and, in particular, Jensen Ackles, makes Sam’s apparent death hurt on a very base level. It also gives us ye olde self-sacrificial Dean Winchester, which, while it gets old, felt more meaningful than it had in a long while. Add in a special guest appearance from everyone’s favorite reaper Billie, and this episode couldn’t not make my list.

7. Safe House 11×16 by Robbie Thompson


There’s no space on this list for standard hunt episodes – this season was just too strong. “Safe House” thankfully, was an incredibly special monster hunt, however. The story allowed for an almost reunion between the Winchesters and their adoptive father Bobby. (*pauses* *pours one out for Bobby*) The boys end up on a case that Bobby and Rufus worked a few years prior. The script does a great job moving seamlessly between the two times – a question asked by Dean is answered by Bobby, for example. The monster itself was new and scary, and the realm in which all of its victims lived was satisfyingly creepy. Bobby and Rufus are delightful grumpy old men together and frankly I demand a prequel series starring the both of them. The cherry on top was, of course, all of the family feels that we were treated to whenever Bobby talked about the boys. And that moment? The one where Dean and Bobby see each other? Don’t touch me I’m still recovering from that.

6. Into the Mystic 11×11 by Robbie Thompson


I may have lied when I spoke in the last entry about standard hunt episodes. Dang. That was quick. “Into the Mystic” is absolutely a standard hunt episode. But it’s done incredibly well, and it introduced two new women characters who I hope become a part of the Wayward Daughters crew before too long. I can’t really quantify why this episode makes it so high in the list. It’s fun. It’s scary. The introduction of another legacy who also happens to be deaf but that doesn’t matter because she can still kick ass with the best of them is AWESOME. That Sam and Dean are incapacitated and have to be saved by the deaf hunter and an old woman? YES. MORE OF THAT ALWAYS.

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  • cheryl42

    I also loved that moment between Dean and Bobby in Safe House. That was the first time they had seen each other since Sam and Dean burned the flask. It was a powerful scene made even more powerful by Jensen and Jim.