The 10 Best Episodes of Supernatural Season 11

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Welcome welcome one and all to my annual Supernatural “best of” article.  If you’re new here: I’m Leah. I have a problem. That problem is Winchesters.

In preparation for tonight’s premiere I went back and binged all of season 11 and tried my hardest to rank the episodes. I can easily say that of the 4 years that I have done this so far, this was the toughest. I could, off the top of my head, think of only two episodes that I considered to be subpar this past season. And even then? Those episodes were still entertaining. I was harsher in my initial recaps, as per usual, but there was no moment during my rewatch where I wanted to skip an episode. That… is seriously impressive. Well done Team SPN.

So let’s not waste time. Let the ranking begin!

10. Don’t You Forget About Me 11×12 by Nancy Won


As usual, the number 10 slot is one that I waffle on quite a bit for these rankings. And while “Don’t You Forget About Me” has some issues with editing that bothered me just as much in my rewatch as it did in my initial viewing, I could not let Nancy Won’s excellent Wayward Daughters romp go unnoticed. Supernatural has a lady problem – there’s not a lot of them and they keep dying. So seeing three returning favorites get a chance to shine is like a breath of fresh air. The case at the center of the story is well done, Claire and Alex’s emotional baggage is handled extremely well, and, as always, Kim Rhodes is just stellar as Jody Mills. The episode gets a million bonus points for the hilarious dinner scene at the beginning of the episode. More of that, please.

9. All in the Family 11×21 by Eugenie Ross-Leming & Brad Buckner


I was surprisingly harsh on this episode in my initial recap of it. I criticized it for its uneven pacing, for Amara’s creepiness, and for baiting us with the God/Lucifer reunion. But on rewatch, those things didn’t bother me. “All in the Family” deserves to be judged on its own, not with all the random mini-hiatuses that the CW’s schedule forces us to live through. Watching Dean and Chuck hash out their feelings was extremely satisfying. The scenes of God acting like a lazy English major was entertaining. I liked Donatello the prophet, especially in his meeting with Chuck. I adored Kevin’s cameo. I felt for Metatron’s sacrifice. I was glad that Lucifer’s arrival in the bunker led into a cliffhanger – it would have been way too forced in this episode. And, if I’m completely honest, Amara’s creepiness goes way down when watching the season as a whole. Without the weeks allowing her words to fester in my brain, I actually was able to see her as the writers intended her. And while some of the “love” scenes were still misguided, I think, Amara was much more palatable this go around.

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  • cheryl42

    I also loved that moment between Dean and Bobby in Safe House. That was the first time they had seen each other since Sam and Dean burned the flask. It was a powerful scene made even more powerful by Jensen and Jim.