Ten Ways StarKid Rocked LeakyCon


Team StarKid just finished a seriously awesome rock show on the LeakyCon mainstage. The gang spent two hours powering through nearly all of their songs from all three Potter shows. There’s more to come, but in the meantime check out our rundown of the best moments from the show.

10. Happy Birthday, Amy! – Just after we (potentially) broke the Guinness World Record for the largest group wearing fake mustaches, one special fan got to enjoy an onstage serenade for her 16th birthday. Jaime Lyn Beatty brought Amy up for a “Harry” serenade in full mustache garb, because “In honor of mustaches, we’re going to sing a song about being hairy.”

9. Clark Baxtresser, One Man Band – With one keyboard and a whole lot of awesome, Clark played us through practically the entire Very Potter catalogue.  As if that wasn’t enough, he even took a few turns singing as Harry. Luckily, both the other StarKids and the audience gave him the props he greatly deserved.

8. StarKid Rocks – The event was seated, but it could have easily been billed as a rock show instead. At the top of the show, Joe Walker told the audience to “feel free to sing along for the whole jam, because if we forget our lyrics we’ll need your help.”  (Hint: They did.) The crowd listened; singing, clapping, and stomping their way through the entire show. Even though the seating was necessary for crowd control, there were a few fans who would have eagerly thrown them out so they could get up and go wild.

7. LaLaLaLaLa – Brittany Coleman’s rendition of “Hey Dragon” was so jazzy and smooth it put Joey Richter and Brian Holden in the mood for some cuddling in their seats. More than once during the song she sneaked a peek at Clark’s sheet music for lyric reminders and eventually waved her fist at the sky and cursed the song writer with, “DARREN!”

6. The Seven Harrys – StarKid performed their songs roughly in order by show, so they kicked things off with “Going Back to Hogwarts.” Without an official Harry for the show, they enlisted basically everyone onstage to play The Boy Who Lived. Both Brians, Joe, Joey, Brittany, Nick, and Tyler all took turns singing the role.

5. Surprise Moses – Joe Moses wasn’t officially listed on this year’s StarKid bill, but halfway through the show he popped up to sing “Guys Like Potter.” He hung around dancing and harmonizing on stage for the rest of the performance.

4. The Weapon We Have is Dance – StarKid’s harmonies were tight, but not as tight as their dance moves. Their usual dancing machines Brian Holden, Lauren, and Brittany were great as always, but the rest of the gang stepped up their rhythmic ability as well. Watching the group jump up and dance to nearly every number was priceless, which brings us to our third best moment.

3. Rejuvenating a Classic – After three Leakys, two tours, and a number of random performances, some Starkid songs have been performed so many times they even know them on Pigfarts. The gang made a point to put new spins on the tunes we love, but have all heard roughly 12,000 times. This was done to epic proportions with “Granger Danger.” Lauren and Joey started off the number with an impromptu dance off during their respective parts, before all the StarKids morphed into an interpretive dance crew for the back half of the song.

2. Oops (Bleep) Productions – It’s not a StarKid event until something goes a little off the rails. Our favorite hilarious slip ups include Tyler Brunsman losing his place and instead doing an interpretive alternate version of the back up dance during “Stutter”, and this line from Brian Holden during “Days of Summer”: “I’m hoping that the good old days are ones that I cannot remember the words!”

1. Nick. Strauss. – The number one, hands down best thing of the afternoon was Nick Strauss’ performance of AVPSY’s “Get in My Mouth.” He thrusted, creeped, and skipped his way through Aragog’s showstopping solo. He sounded so freaking amazing, the entire crowd jumped up for a much deserved standing ovation at the end. Go find this performance. Seriously. He will melt your face off.

That’s our list! If you’re here at LeakyCon let us know what else you loved about the StarKid performance (besides everything).

  • Ruby

    number 10 rocks!!

    • Aimee_Pond

      :D best day of my life

      • Ruby


  • Ruby

    My top 3 performances are 3. ( not sure what it’s called ) Gilderoy sung by Brian R.
    2. I’m just a sidekick but I love being at your side sung by Joey
    1 Get in my mouth sung by nick

  • claystripe6514

    Man, I wish I could find these online…