Ten Possible Reasons Why Iron Man’s SuperBros Abandoned Him, His Kidnapped Girlfriend, and Their Exploded House


Was anyone else concerned by the lack of explanation about the missing Avengers in Iron Man 3? Because I have to say that if my house got blown up, my girlfriend got kidnapped, and I ended up wandering around some Midwestern town trying to find the tech to fix my super suit and resolve this issue, I’d be pretty pissed if a) the secret agency I sometimes work for wasn’t keeping enough tabs on me to realize I could maybe use some help or b) none of my friends, with their super powers, showed up to assist. Or at the very least, maybe help make a shopping trip. So, I came up with a couple of reasons why I thought the SuperBros might have been missing. Have anything to add? Leave it in the comments! 


It was graduation season, y’all! In following the example of their hallowed god (see Joss Whedon’s speech for Wesleyan University), the other members of the Avengers Taskforce were off giving graduation speeches of their own:

  • Bruce Banner at M.I.T. where he lectured them on their own infallibility
  • Captain America at American University on the subject of truth and honor in the nation’s capital of, well, not those things right now
  • Natasha Romonoff at [REDACTED] speaking about [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]



Hawkeye and Black Widow decided to resolve their variant memories of Budapest and ended up engaged in a week long battle over their differences. Hawkeye did stop to check his phone once, but the moment nearly cost him his ability to walk, so he dropped it rather quickly as he drew an arrow.


The Doctor swung by to get them in an effort to put off the fall of the Eleventh for a little while longer, but Tony, annoyed that someone had achieved time travel before him and wouldn’t bother to explain it in words that made any sense, didn’t go.