Telltale’s Game of Thrones Game Gets Help From Author’s Assistant


George R.R. Martin’s personal assistant Ty Corey Franck (who is also a sci-fi writer in his own right) has reportedly been assigned by HBO to be a story consultant on Telltale’s narrative–video game adaptation of the Game of Thrones franchise.

This is a new step in the relationship between HBO and Telltale, an independent gaming studio known for its narrative episodic stories. Instead of releasing one big game for $60, they release episodes over time, each costing around $5 each. The episodic format allows them to focus on character and story building, which is much appreciated by gamers, some of whom are bitter about the move away from storytelling in the video game industry. The Game of Thrones video game series will be released over several years and will follow several stories—exactly what we expect from a franchise that likes to spread out seasons and spread out books even more.

The Game of Thrones franchise seems to be a perfect sandbox for video game development, with tons of characters and an enormous and diverse map to draw from. With HBO involved and GRRM’s assistant consulting, this video game could make an exciting addition to the Game of Thrones universe.