Teen Wolf Season 5 Finale Recap: Apotheosis


This week on Teen Wolf: It’s the season finale and there is an awful lot of gratuitous violence! Theo is on a rampage to gain more power, Sebastian gets his sea legs and go on his first rampage in centuries, the Desert Wolf is still rampaging about killing her daughter. It’s a rampage fest.

There were some technical difficulties which led to my inability to recap the last episode, but last week on Teen Wolf was essentially this: Sebastian Valet, the Beast of Gevaudan took over Mason’s body, the Desert Wolf attacked Malia, Theo killed one of his pack in order to use the Doctor’s mask, Parrish is gonna help with the Beast because Lydia asked him nicely, and Kira went back to the shapeshifters to try and fix her katana. All caught up? Good.

A sooty and almost naked – he’s got a serious case of Incredible Hulk unbreakable pants going on – Parrish is trying to outrun the Argents, who found the new version of Valet’s pike: a cane. The only weapon they have to kill the Beast.

Scott and Liam bring in a half-conscious Dread Doctor to the vet clinic, and Theo isn’t doing so hot from last week’s fight. Luckily Tracy is there to kiss him, which makes absolutely no sense because there wasn’t been a single instance of attraction or even flirting between them. Luckily, it was a ruse, because Theo takes advantage of Tracy’s lowered defenses to steal her power and heal. Deucalion saunters in to lord over Theo’s inability to control or even have a pack.

Sebastian has somehow got his hands on a car, and taps into Mason’s memories to figure out how to drive, which is very Matrix-y of him.

Back at Scott’s, the Desert Wolf is still on the hunt for Malia, and can hear her daughter using her phone to call for back up. She doesn’t care, she’ll kill everyone. Instead of getting help, Malia turns her phone off.

The Doctor isn’t doing so hot, but while Deaton is checking out the guy’s wounds, something calls to the Doctor, raising him and having him lurch out of the clinic. With some kind of electrokensis, he’s able to shut the doors and trap everyone inside. It turns out that Sebastian was the one calling to the Doctor, and it seems like he recognizes the guy beneath the mask. He asks who took the cane, and the man can only tell him it was the Argents before falling down dead.

Parrish lost Sebastian’s scent, but Gerard has a better idea than chasing the Beast: let the Beast come to them.