Teen Wolf Renewed for Season 4 and More News from NYCC

Managing Editor

Today at their panel at New York Comic Con, Teen Wolf announced that they were renewed by MTV for a 12 episode fourth season. That means one more year of teenage werewolf hijinks. Plus Stiles.

At the panel was executive producer and head writer Jeff Davis, Linden “Sheriff Stilinski” Ashby, and Dylan “Why is Stiles still a virgin” O’Brien.

Although Davis hinted at the panel that Stiles may finally be getting it on when the show returns for season 3B in January. Then again Davis also said “not everyone is making it out alive” so maybe we should all just stop listening tot Jeff Davis.

Also returning with the show in January, a new after show called Wolf Watch hosted by former cast member Jill Wagner who played Kate Argent in Season 1.

We’ll have plenty more info for all you Teen Wolf fans once we get through chatting with Jeff, Dylan, and Linden!