Teen Wolf 6×03 Recap – When the Sun Goes Down, the Riders Come Out to Play


Back at the party, the Rider is trying to get past the mountain ash line to take Gwen. The pack does its best to fight him off, but he’s just all around stronger than they are. Mason takes off with Gwen, and Hayden steps up to the fight. Unfortunately Gwen and Mason can’t run very far, because more Riders are waiting outside. The Rider is about to take off with Gwen when Parrish shows up and tries taking a shot at the guy. Shockingly, it doesn’t work. I have to give it to him, Parrish shows a hell of a lot of guts and stares down the Rider. The ghost disappears into the night, without Gwen.

Mrs Martin lays into the kids about all their poor decision making, but they’re all pretty impressed that Malia only knocked out the nurse instead of beating him up. Luckily, the nurse decided not to press charges. The Sheriff asks his wife if she ever had second thoughts about not having kids, and of course she doesn’t. Oh ow. Ow forever. With a smile, the happy childless couple leaves.

Scott is a little upset that his entire house has been destroyed, but hey, at least Liam kept Gwen safe, which is a plus. It’s also a shock to Scott, since she saw the Riders, and they don’t leave witnesses. This is a big problem, since dozens of teens all saw the Riders. The Sheriff shows up at the McCall house to help Scott clean, who apologizes about visiting Grampa. But Papa Stiles is sorry he didn’t warn them about how awful his father is, who was abusive to both his wife and son in the past.

Something is bothering Papa Stiles though, something his father said dredged up a dream that feels like a memory. He and Claudia are lying in bed, talking about kids and what they’d name them. And the Sheriff says he wants to name their future son after her father, because he was a good man and the kind of dad the Sheriff wants to be. Claudia wouldn’t want to saddle a kid with a name like that but she agrees to it, since the boy would just be called Stiles anyway.

Mama McCall and Daddy Argent go over all the bodies and find something in common in all of them: a missing penial gland. Mama McCall doesn’t know why anyone would want it, and Daddy Argent explains that it’s sometimes called “the seed of the soul”. So something is stealing souls, but why? At least we know who: the Teach with respiratory problems and alpha eyes.

What do you folks think of this episode? What do you think Teach is? How far does the scope of forgetting do the Riders actually cover, and do you think Grampa was an oversight? Tell is your theories!

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