Teen Wolf 6×03 Recap – When the Sun Goes Down, the Riders Come Out to Play


Over at the McCall household, Mama McCall hears someone rustling around in the kitchen, and finds Daddy Argent. God I missed him and his beard. He needs her to get to get him into the morgue so he can check out a body, and he needs her expertise on the matter.

Back at school, Hayden finds Phoebe’s sister Gwen in the library, trying to find any sign of her in the yearbook. When Hayden asks her what happened, Gwen said that last night she saw a weird man standing in their yard, and when she woke up her sister and all her belongings were gone. She can’t get ahold of her mom, no one has any record of her sister, and all she has left is a bracelet. When Gwen describes the man, the description is exactly that of the Ghost Riders. Hayden warns her about the Hunt, and about disappearing memories, but Gwen doesn’t believe her.

It must not be that hard to get people into the morgue, because Daddy Argent and Mama McCall are already checking out the body. The head wound suggests he was killed by a werewolf with incredibly powerful jaws, and Daddy Argent says that this man wasn’t the werewolf’s first victim.

Like I thought, Scott is going to talk to Grampa Stiles anyway, and recruits Malia. But Liam wants her to stay and help him convince Gwen that the Riders are real and she’s in danger. Scott says it’s not their job to convince Gwen of anything, just to keep her safe. Like with a kidnapping! Liam’s worried that the Riders will show up before they get back from visiting the old folks home, but Scott reassures him that he’ll be okay. After all, he’s got the rest of the pack and also he’s the replacement Alpha, so he HAS to succeed. Liam’s plan is basically stalk her until they know she’s safe. Luckily, Hayden knows where she’ll be: the lacrosse party! Which is totally a real thing that students put together.

Instead of going in and faking being someone’s grandkids, Malia rolls into the home, beats up the nurse, locks him in a closet, and they’re good to go. Papa Stiles is definitely going to know about this. They find Grampa Stiles sitting at a table, listening to old music. Things take an incredibly upsetting turn when they start questioning him. He says that he recognizes Scott, his own son whose birthday is coming up. Grampa has dementia, which is a pretty good reason for the Sheriff to not want the kids talking to him.

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