Teen Wolf 6×03 Recap – When the Sun Goes Down, the Riders Come Out to Play


This week on Teen Wolf: the pack goes to talk to a Stiles we never knew about, and Liam goes through a time-tested teenage rite of passage: hosting a high school party without permission that goes horribly awry.

Right off the bat, Allegedly Attractive Teacher is talking about power and control (in the context of magnetism and metal spikes) and I find it very suspicious, as I’ve found him in the last two episodes. While he’s magnetizing a metal ball, he has a coughing fit, and flashbacks to being in a huge tube in the Dread Doctor’s lab. He shrugs it off, but the more electricity he puts into the metal spike, the more intense his coughing and flashbacks become. Apparently Teacher broke himself out of the tube in the lab, but his lungs were so messed up now he has to breathe helium to stay alive. The same helium that was stolen off the medical truck the dead guy shoved into the boiler room was driving. It’s all coming together, but there is one thing: Teacher has red glowing eyes, and only Alphas have red eyes.

In the girl’s locker room (for a change) a girl starts yelling that someone stole all her sister’s gear, but no one can remember her sister at all. The Riders strike again. Lydia and Scott are trying to figure out what a stiles is, but googling isn’t getting them anywhere. Malia would be helping, but she’s trying to do a make up test, and it’s not going great. She can’t calm down enough, and starts wolfing out. Mrs Martin reminds her that school is a safe space (when will they use that correctly?) and tries to help. She doesn’t, and Malia turns into a coyote and books it.

Scott finds her in the empty store room, but she’s still pretty tense. They give her a minute and she transforms back into a girl, a very naked girl. While Mrs Martin covers her up, the Sheriff brainstorms with Scott and Lydia what would make Malia shift like this. It could be stress, but it could be about whatever stiles is, and the Sheriff asks what he would have to do with it. The kids never said it was a he, but the Sheriff says Stiles is an old family nickname, one his father used.

Back the Stilinski house, the Sheriff tells the kids about his father, and asks what that has to do with the Hunt. They tell him the Riders took something from them and the only clue they have is the word stiles. That’s why they want to talk to Elias, aka Grampa Stiles, because Scott thinks he lost a best friend. Sidenote – I hope that’s not Stiles’ first name, because it is not nearly embarrassing enough as they made it seem in earlier seasons. The Sheriff doesn’t think that’s a great idea, but the conversation fades away as Lydia notices an old woman wandering around the living room. Another train reference, the woman only says “The following stops have been canceled” before disappearing into the other room. Lydia excuses herself and follows. The woman is staring at an empty wall and doesn’t respond to Lydia’s questions. When she comes back, Scott is arguing about talking to Grampa Stiles, but the Sheriff is having none of it. But let’s be real, they’re going to go talk to him anyway.

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