Teen Wolf 6×02 Recap: What the Hell is a Stiles?


Still invisible, Corey and Liam go back to the library to investigate. While they’re invisible, they see a card stuck in the upstairs railing. Liam can’t see it when he lets go of Corey’s hand, so Corey goes and brings it back to this realm.

Mrs Sheriff has brought her husband an incredibly healthy salad for dinner, which the Sheriff struggles down a bite of before giving him his real dinner of a greasy as hell burger. This is honestly the worst thing ever. How can I be a Mama McCall/Papa Stiles shipper when he is so happy right now?

Mason goes full nerd and Shroedinger’s the library card: the card both was and wasn’t there, until Corey and Liam saw it. Observing it changed its position in the universe. They can’t figure out who it belonged to since it’s blank now, but Liam runs it through one of the library machines, and Jake Sullivan’s name pops up. All three of them knew him, but they all forgot about him until just this moment. And at just this moment, the library card isn’t blank anymore. Which means Corey was right, the Riders erased him.

Coach really shouldn’t say anything about not having a life because he’s at school in the middle of the night playing around on the internet. Liam rolls in and signs up for team captain, impressing Coach with his confidence and his man hand holding capabilities.

At the vet clinic, Deaton sets up a contraption to help Lydia focus her banshee powers and use the piece of blue glass to figure out what their collective memories are blocking out. But Deaton has to warn Scott that their memories could be gone for good; the Riders might not just take people during the Hunt, they erase them entirely. The contraption is working, and Lydia is automatic writing up a storm. Once she stops, Malia looks at the paper and sees the word “mischief” written over and over again, which means nothing to them. But if you look at the bigger picture, the smaller word makes up one bigger word: Stiles.

What did you guys think of the episode? Do you also not fully trust Allegedly Attractive Teacher? Why do you think the Riders are erasing people? On a scale of 1 to 10, how much did you scream about the Sheriff and his wife? Let us know!

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