Teen Wolf 6×02 Recap: What the Hell is a Stiles?


Malia wakes up in the corner of her room on the floor, and stumbles over to her bag with the chains still in it. She chains herself up in what looks like the high school pantry, and calls Lydia to help her. She’s slipping into her savage werecoyote, and they can’t figure out who was anchoring and helping her. The chaining session is interrupted by a call from Scott, and they shoot out to the woods to meet him. Him waking up in the woods wasn’t a dream.

According to Scott, this is the same area he went looking for a dead body, before he was bitten by Derek. But he can’t remember why he was out there alone. Lydia thinks maybe he was just a curious weird teenage boy, but Scott has no idea who he would have heard of it in the first place. He doesn’t even know how he got there; it’s five miles from his house, and he was a car-less asthmatic back then. He remembers that the Sheriff caught him, but then how would the Sheriff know he was there? The only thing Scott DOES know is that he wasn’t in the woods alone.

Stop him if it sounds crazy, but Scott thinks he used to have a best friend. It is absolutely not crazy, because Malia used to have someone who helped chain her up and stay human, and Lydia was supposed to meet someone at the beginning of school. And they have no idea who this person is. The three of them look at the picture with the empty space, and they all Know.

Once again, children are at the school after hours with no teachers telling them to leave. Corey is there to try and make amends with Liam, because he wants Mason to be happy. He thinks they can work together to find the Riders. They hold hands and go invisible.

According to Parrish, the guy who was crammed into the boiler room was the driver of a medical supply truck, specifically one that moved a lot of helium. Helium’s used to treat people with respiratory problems due to fire inhalation, and a lot of the hospital’s supply has gone missing. He’s going to look and see if the guy had any associates, and tells Sheriff that his wife is waiting for him in his office. Once my heart stops having an attack, the Sheriff goes into his office and lo and behold, his wife is actually in his office. Holy crap, this is insanely heartbreaking for a number of reasons: 1) Stiles isn’t around to see his mother, and 2) apparently Stiles being born is a huge factor into why she died (I’m assuming because his birth triggered his mother’s brain problems but I’m too distraught to remember if anything is canon).

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