Teen Wolf 6×02 Recap: What the Hell is a Stiles?


Mason and Corey want to check out the absentee list to see if someone is missing, but Mrs Martin has dubbed the school a werewolf free safe space. I don’t know who she’s trying to kid here, but it is definitely herself. She assures them no one has been reported missing and all of today’s absent students are accounted for. She keeps saying that the school is a safe space, which really drives home the fact that a lot of people don’t really understand what a safe space actually is.

Lydia is having all kinds of feelings, and sees the doctor walking down the hall. She runs after her, but when she throws up the outside doors, she’s back at the night when Stiles was taken, only she doesn’t recognize whose voice she’s hearing. She relives the night, pulled along by nothing, until she almost steps in front of a car in the present before Malia saves her.

No matter how much they ask, Parrish claims that no one is missing and that his hellhound doesn’t feel anything, much to the disappointment of Mason and Corey. And he just wants to go back to investigating his very normal non-supernatural robbery-homicide, if it’s all the same to them.

Scott can’t get that locker out of his head, so he busts it open with his werewolf strength. Or he would, if he wasn’t interrupted by Allegedly Attractive Teacher.

In the locker room, Liam and Mason talk about what Mason and Corey saw, but Liam is still too jealous that his BFF has a BF that he can’t fully trust the chameleon. Especially when he can hear Corey’s heart beating across the room even tho he’s invisible. Corey and Liam start puffing up their chests at each other: Liam thinks Corey should have done more, Corey thinks he did all he could do since chameleons aren’t exactly voracious predators. Mason agrees with Corey, all he can do is disappear (ouch), and Liam thinks that’s exactly what Corey should do (also ouch).

Scott brings the piece of blue glass to Deaton and explains the gaps in his memory. He asks Deaton if the Riders and the Hunt and the memory lapses could be connected, but Deaton has only heard about the Riders being drawn to war, not memories. Deaton likens Scott’s memory to phantom limb syndrome, which would explain why Scott feels like he’s missing his right hand (man). So Scott tries going to sleep to see if his dreams can fill in the gaps. It must work immediately, because suddenly he’s in the middle of the woods.

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